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Sean Thienpont Dec 2019
'Endless' is the wait
For a new day
Where the hidden can be free
It will happen...right?
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
Dream on if you dare
The witch awaits you
Believe you're there
For now is the time

Scream in on your prayers
The tension has picked up
See if you're there
For now is the time

Gleam in your crooked stares
The brew is thickening
Make a move there
For now is the time
The time that I'm
Not sleeping
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
Is energetic
Is visceral
Is existential
But no more pleasing to the eye
Than an eye that can see
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
He stole my sight
Away through cleaves
Her freckled hair lost among leaves
A wit, a fancy unbecoming of us
No sword or arrow could ever become thus
No just
This man trampled what belonged to us
His heart,
A link
To the Past
Contempt for videogames?
Misplaced feelings for the heroine?

Who knows??
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
Malevolent colors erupt on
Sullen fixtures of uprooted
Roots of eventide, clashing
Down below blue scraped minnows
Of perfect balance
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
He was lost
Time distance memory
He was cross
Darkness resistance remembering
He was him
Before the tide turned
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
I turn on the TV through a circle on a device
The letters turn blue, ****, where are my eyes I mean the screen like a vice
I wait for the TV to register
The system looks at me and nods like Hannibal lector
I ready myself for the plug in
The games to be enjoyed for some fun sin
It looks like I could be ready for dark souls get deep and swim in
Everything is ready the pleasure of dopaminess joy
The 600 enemies ready for alloy
I am giddy at the feeling of masochistic wish
Who needs brains when your reflexes are at this
Good thing I am going an hour...but oh christ
Why did I turn on the TV through a circle on a device?
Oh God
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