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Bugs Spencer Nov 2023
Wake up and I swallow
Instagram reels and dry pills
to help feel less hollow

Bite into tender flesh
sip on my blood coffee
their pain is still so fresh

New phone every new year
six marketable colors
screams fall on a deaf ear

My hair begins, thins out
checking all the labels
ingredients I do doubt

All we do is consume
no matter what the cost
dead families, no tomb

Wake up and listen in
They don't care about us
Money hungry eat skin
people think money will hide there ugly ways
believing they're above you cuz they call themselves "paid"
your as sorry as a cockroach, time to grab the raid
cuz money ain't change gone change the heartless look in your gaze
& we all know that money was part of the big trade
the devil has your soul, something he now owns
your swimming in the green, you think your problems gone
but money ain't the answer or the melody to the song.

— The End —