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The way your lips, traveled
unto to moist slopes of mine


The way your eyes, glimmered
with passion and with fire


The way your hands, traced
the sensitive places inside

I could tell you tales of an infinity we had
Contained in the few stolen hours
We played with fire and ice
and each of those moments
Oh love, I've been dying to relive
Any time of the day, any time of the night.
I am not a safe drive. I'm a stormy sea.
There is no happy ending, just the aching feeling
of being almost there but not quite.
I'll cut our ropes and break our dishes
You'll shout my name and I'll cry for yours, but we'll be both voiceless
Whispering, "honey, what's the point, what's the point?"
there's something with the way
your mind works
how you see the world
with your jaded lens
& how those lazy eyes
would glance and tickle
the fabrics of my soul.
i drank your silence
like heavy liquor
and it destroyed me
yet i still succumbed
to the fantasy

the air is always lifted
differently when you
walk into the room
& my blood will always
dance, everytime
you open your mouth
ill always be looking out
in this kaleidoscope
of chances and changes
ill always think about
simply holding your hand
I forgot about how you unknowingly smirk
When I start calling back your name
I forgot that you will only mock
The way I scream out my lungs to the ocean
Expecting sunken ships to sail back to shore
I regret that I never swept the sands you left behind
I regret that I memorized the trail on this island.
And I do not understand how come I still get stuck in-between
Now I know, I’m only here to help you build your castle

But I will never be crowned the Queen.
  Feb 2019 Raven Scherbatsky
i do not believe in god
but i do believe in poetry
and for me
maybe poetry is prayer
and the universe
is an unwavering ear
in the shape of a god
it's hard to love you, and i dont know
if i can ever completely do
not when your scars reminds me
of how unkind the world was to you
not when your face reminds me
of the monster that was never
under the bed.

it's painful to love you, and i don't know
if i can ever withstand it all
because with you everything is
magnified and heavier, i don't think
i can carry you in my trembling arms

i wish i could do more things for you
love you endlessly, take care of you relentlessly
but i dont know how when nobody else did those
how could i love you better, dear self?
I gently tiptoed alongside your dreamful sleeping figure in the dark.. I long to gaze in the brightness of your eyes but it is now blanketed with a resting lullaby. I wish the beating of my heart echoes the drumming of yours for I am at my happiest when I’m basking in the sunlight or moonlight or even the harsh fluorescent light as long as it is shared with you. I love you, in its truest and its most naked sense. I miss you, it is frustrating how I could never get enough of you. I long for the days where I could doze off next to you. I live for the careless moments where the world keeps silently moving on our backs, without our regard, without our anxieties. I wish I could tell the rest of the universe to hold everything off so I could hold you closer just another minute, just another hour, just a little longer, I simply want us to be together.
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