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Douglas Greene Oct 2020
She had a harsh tone,
Her sturdy voice said:
"You are on your own".
My face growing red,
Only to reply,
"You make me helpless".
She began to sigh,
Starting to express,
Anger in her eyes,
Standing effortlessly,
Pointing out my "lies",
Due to lack of trust.
Thinking to myself:
"Why me, oh why me",
Doomed to my own hell,
"Why me, oh why me"
Why me? Why not my co worker, my boss, my neighbor, or someone across the world... Why does it have to be me?
Douglas Greene Oct 2020
Fleeing from things,
Far from my dreams,
Someone help me,
Someone hear me...
Douglas Greene Oct 2020
Just wanting to reside,
a life with no complications,
Not a life with free rides,
or without death and frustrations,

Just a life with reason,
Deserved rewards without rupture,
Just something worth keeping,
I just want guidance and structure...
Douglas Greene Oct 2020
Running low on benevolence
Waiting on a revelation
For life to be more evident
Just wanting an explanation
Life is confusing :/
Douglas Greene Oct 2020
Life's comical creations,
No lack of variation,
People destined to be ******,
Falling with no where to land,

People blessed with ignorance,
No pleas for indifference,
Only bliss and fantasy,
In a world of agony...
I wrote this because in my eyes, it seems the only way to be happy is to be ignorant and unknowing of the world around you
Douglas Greene Oct 2020
As I listen to music
My heart begins to steady
Patience begins to run thick
The stress isn’t as heavy

Starting to think of her
The girl of my dreams
For she is the cure
For life’s negative beams

I wish I could talk to her
In this very moment
My eyes are filling with tears
I would give every cent
To fall in love with her
All over again
Douglas Greene Oct 2020
If I were to leave,
And never come back,
Would you long for me?
And have your regrets?

Would our memories,
be nothing but truant?
Lost in Centuries?
Never to come back?
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