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I have this cause so consuming . . .
like an overdose that's overwhelming

When salt water was as sweet as the memories that washed over my feet by the edge of high tide's completion

"Go find the door to your ambition
before it closes to the winds of desiccation"

The binding has cracked
the paper turned yellow  
Touching ,  now brittled backed
So it has been written "finis" upon the last page of life

The words I collected like seashells
as the wrinkles of face grew to foretell

The foam and waves swept over my toes
as the sand was ****** away from beneath

They say the pain will go away .
then they wish you well ,
. . . turn . . . and walk away

I look back upon life as if it were a dream :
a scheme . . .
a scream . . .
and so naive

"I will check out the skies in Rome ,
I promise now when winter is gone"

I long for the hot sands of purification
Where the bleached bones
have reached end's destination

Somewhere next to a Coptic sea
where time falls short on eternity I will kneel to my desperation

In another year
it will be another day's difference in time ,
as another grain of sand falls it loosens its bind

"Won't you come and bring thirst's renewal of relief ?"

Don't leave me gazing . . .
searching for that distant smile . . . buried in my  beliefs

If not . . . then
let me wish you well . . .
turn . . . and walk away
1000 poems
Good place to be
1000 and that's
all to see

Best wishes
to all ,

Goodbye . . .
I fought for want of will
Lay beaten and ******
for what turned out to be nil

So I go as all mankind must do
Descending into the dark of night

I labored for want of will
But heavy now are  my steps
I have no more to instill

Let me pass beyond the gate
To the green pastures beside still waters of the lake
  Nov 2022 South by Southwest
I started to float
and I’m ready to fall
But I’m not frightened
I’d never cling to your branch
I’ve memorized
the happiness you gave
The nourishment we shared
I will always be a part of you
Worry not my dear
I’ll be back again
to find you

                          Another autumn leaf
Brickering words
The sand of sentences
Added to the waters of time
Cemented into the ever evasive desires of heart

What fools expect and deserve are written on the walls and heart of poets

. . . and they know it
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