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You are screaming at me and I'm in tears
your face peeled back
in deep contempt of my need
I am just a little boy and my head hurts and it
is a sin to hope that my aspirin could be cut

because I can't swallow the pills and they get
stuck in my throat, burning. My head is

and I'm falling down, a shaken baby
black around my eyes--
which one of you shook me?
Who did this to me, I'm just a little boy
peaceful in heart,
yet horror stricken; and the anger builds
Unexpressed words defining injustice, are

once again, deeper:    evil excels in its clothing
a child in shame, within the denial of its own wrongdoing.
Years of hard work, dismantle the shame..
remove condemnation's heavy, mantle;
but this rage.. this deeply embedded injustice-scream?
A lifetime has not enough years to undo what
the locusts have eaten

And I am only half of it...
a ***** in my armor, and I fall
A cheap shot, my hands now empty
the fire of my temple, now dust..

Lay me there, beside her--
she, that tore me down, she who I now
a beautiful boy, a broken son
in death, makes his peace with mom
his burial place, once again
back, in her arms

This is the home I choose
I forgive you, Momma, be my resting-place now,
my home--

my anger, my hatred.. contempt
purged, by cremation's holy fire
all glory and honor,  now yours

as the once-broken little boy
curls up safely, in your arms
Your beautiful son has returned,
back home:

     God.. and a mother's love,
                             rest his soul.

hell is for children
Chaos permeates
And there are too many voices
Lamenting and screaming,
And there is fear like a great machine churning
And there is death and an eerie
Grinding of gears that feels
Somehow driven
And managed,
And I feel pushed upon it and carried to where
I don't want to go.

But, yet

Out in these canyons, beneath the rough granite that rises
And the great pines that ****** their arms into the sky,

There is peace by the river, still.

Walk along beside it
Through the thick brush that hides us
From everything beyond just

This moment and

The current pushes onwards
Speaking only in healing tones
As it spirals around the rocks
And over hidden waterfalls, flows
Down, down, down.

And there is shelter here in the
Deafening sound of the wild water rushing

And there is peace by the river, still.

Out here, it is life or death,
And you don't always get to decide which, so

Lay your body at the temple of the mountains
And give up all of your questions.

Just free fall into the wind beneath the cliffs,

Into nothing and everything and

I love you, still.
What the wind carries
on aerial breath
a fluttering fragrance
redolent of hope

I catch the scent of memory
a time missed
when we sat alongside sycamores
listening to locust songs
echoing through the chrome mooned night
wishing to search your topaz flecked eyes
as you read poetry
written for my heart alone

Longing to feel your velvet touch
seductively soft like rain water
running over me
as we laid under the tear soaked sky
forever spellbound by the
sweet smell of wildflowers  
endlessly enchanted
by eachother

under the half chrome moon
laying in a blanket of white wildflowers
glowing opalescent in glittered starlight
picking at plush petals
sending satin kisses wafting in the breeze
wanting them to find your lips
once again

For what the wind carries
is my heart
and my hope
that you will feel the remembrance
of my love

as it blows past you

What purity is rendered from the wreckage of these days?
Hearts torn asunder and splayed across a dying world;
A world that falls like dreams do
When the light hits hard across the room.

And I want to hold something heavy and cold,

Like the smooth stones at the base of the current’s flow,

But I am grasping air

And my breath weaves a river that dissipates
Like the memory of snow
Across the western peaks
Before the harsh rays of late spring
Melt these sculpted constructs down to nothing but
Granite and bone,

And the scintillating potential of the soul,

Like a wound that festers,
Or is rendered,
Into something mercilessly scarred
But somehow, more beautiful,
And whole.  

In the breaking, there is death,

And I question whether that is all there is.

Sometimes, the breaking never ends and all I see is a failure to save her. The darkness claims her over and over again in my mind and
There is the sharp absence of a savior,

Anywhere, here on earth,
Or later,

And it certainly wasn’t me.

So, is that what this life will be?
Or can we render light from the wreckage of these days,
If we were to drop down and crawl on bended knees
To some higher place

Where there is redemption in defeat

And a new life
Fresh and green
Sprouting from the remnants of our own humility
In which we must now anchor

I don't want people to break and die. I didn't want to lose my mom and not in the way that we did. I'm sorry for all of this suffering. It seems, sometimes, that we will be broken of our arrogance one way or another, even the arrogance that we have some kind of right to live. And I wonder if there will be something better born or rendered in humility, or if there is nothing at all.
The first night I stepped out onto the white sand
I walked along the rippling line
Where the ocean and land lay together as one
Gathering all the things that made me think of you

I picked up coffee colored stones
As dark as your eyes

A pure white feather
From the wings of your angel kisses

Buds from the daisies hiding in the dunes
That could never be as beautiful as your cherry blossoms

And of course
Scalloped seashells drapped in the colors of dawn

Hundreds and hundreds of saltwater shells...
I realized were
Like the tears I cried for you

So I emptied my pockets
Wrote your name on the sand
With each beautiful piece of you
I had been holding onto

By the morning
The tide had washed it all away
And for the first time since you have been gone

My heart smiled

You probably will never read this, but if you ever do ... I wanted you to know
I truly only want you to be happy in all ways
So I am letting go of the broken heart and of you
I hope you find everything you desire out there and I know you will...

Ps.... make it so ;)
we sang of twilight,
of night and her
silver thrones,

the day ricocheted
like a bullet,
a rose blown numb,

the sea was eternities
voice, mascara the
night sky on her lash,

i cried like a bird
floating on the
nearly summer

i’m in love with you,
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