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CarolineSD Apr 25
Millions of years before you and I and us and all of this…noise
Smog-laden cities and
Urgency spoken between mothers and daughters
And lovers in candlelit cafes on the backstreets of New York
and the arrondissements of Paris.

Long before entangled masses of roads and seaways and Boundaries imagined in the sky
Birthed kingdoms and countries and fidelities,
People kneeling under colored flags lifted high and prominent
Above a world created only by the insatiable torrent of the human Mind.

Long before us.

Before any man
Measured time.


In the quiet

Moons before a single footstep of monster or man trod
In the primeval night,
Deep in the silence of fire and ice,
Of primordial tundra frozen and burned.


They emerged,
Languid and light in the depths of the sea.
Tentacles twisting  
Through the untainted currents of endless and pristine
Precambrian oceans.

And there they pushed through the waters of time
And waited.

And there they were satiated on the ebb and flow of the tides
And the cries of ancient sea birds across
The open waves.

Long the earth’s first and peaceful creations
Abided down below.

But we have fed them our venom
Born of angst and rage
Leached from our endless need for control of all things
And they have grown fat on the chemicals spawned
From our own greed
Trash thrown across the meadows of the deep.

And they feasted on our poison and grew mammoth and strong
And one bright day broke high above the surface of the waters
And reached down with tentacles bright as the sun’s rays
To illuminate all that we had done
And left us strewn across the land



And vanquished.
The start of a collaborative art project with my other half, inspired by humanity's destructive nature and a War of the Worlds aesthetic.
CarolineSD Apr 24
With my head tilted back and laughing
Because we’re singing along
At the top of our lungs
Tiny Dancer
In the frozen food aisle
With my heart just beating wild
Because you wrap your arms around me
All warm and tight
And tell me how beautiful I am
Though we’re pushing a shopping cart
Under fluorescent lights
And you don’t care who sees or who knows
How much you love me
And with my fingers outstretched against the wind
Flying down the highway
With the windows open wide
And we are singing again
And you never tell me to be quiet.

Late at night
When the bright,
Desert sunset of your eyes
Still cuts through the half-light
You let me spill my heart
Softly against your neck
And your words are like
Warm gems pulled from a treasure chest
In a child’s dream.

And this is how I love you
All open-hearted, safe, and
More to come.
CarolineSD Apr 24
When all the diamonds of your laugher
Have fallen to the sea
I will step off the northern cliffs
And drown
Just to bring them close to me.
More to come.
CarolineSD Feb 7
I am safe here,

With your inked hands tracing up and down my spine
And my cheek tucked against your neck,
The fan above us undulating in dark space
A whoosh, whoosh repeating
With each breath you take and

The music lightly plays and plays.

You tap the drumlines against my
Shoulder blades
And hum softly
With your face against my face

And I am safe.

And you tell me
“There are not enough words
To say
How much I love you,”
And it is like my heart falls right
Through my skin
And I say I love you
Again and again and

I curl up and let you hold me like a precious gem

And until the unseen end

We are safe.

It is only time that will betray
And only time that can wrench you away
And even then I will fight each dying day

And like your seeking hands along my spine
Under blankets streaked by a
Distant moonlight,
I will seek you across the river to the other side
And hold your spirit


In that

Forever night.
  Oct 2022 CarolineSD
Drag my feet across the space of time. Down the rungs of laddered rooms. So many doors. Most are locked now. Soles pricked by evergreen. Every remembrance, a splinter. Subcutaneous, then deeper. Hypodermic nostalgia. Pin-cushioned and pine-needled. I could pull them out. But relief is not found in extinguishing bushfires. This wooden heart needs to burn free. Poplar, ash, maple…there is a forest within me. Limbs upon limbs draping and dripping and gracing skin that falls away when the weight is too much. And the lightness never seems to last beyond three months. Appendages on oaken tombs. Endless hallways. Sealed doorframes. This winter is eternal, and my timber…a pyre. Lips pressed to polaroid.
I’ve become a jungle of eulogy.
A thicket on fire.
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