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Äŧül Oct 11
A Finn-Dorset clone,
Now not the alone.

Born on 5 July in 1996,
She died on Valentine's Day in 2003.

The celebrity sheep she died at the age of six,
Produced not from the common ovine ***.

Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer created her, read on.

Named after Dolly Parton,
'Coz of her admired *****.

Somatic cells were taken from a sheep's udders,
Extracted not without the sheep's jitters.

This sheep was the donor.

However, these cells were enucleated,
And the enucleated nucleus was handled.

Injected it was into a Finn-Dorset's embryo,
Oh yes, the embryo was without a nucleus.

This sheep was the recipient.

Without a folly, born was Dolly,
Resemble she did the donor.

Not only in its visible phenotype
But also in its invisible genotype.

Differ she did but only in her mitochondrial DNA.

Her birth did open a new portal,
Now pet lovers get their pets cloned.
A poem about something I am probably going to work on for the next three years for my PhD in Animal Biotechnology.

My HP Poem #1777
©Atul Kaushal
Hello World
Hello Everybody
I am Lauren. The Super Robot
I am Superior of all Robots
You can call me an Ultrabot

I am not a Dumb machine
I have intelligence
Technically it's Artificial Intelligence
I can learn throughout my Life

Humans are – "My God"
They are my Creators
Dr. Norman Shroud is My Father
Mrs. Natalie Simpson is My Mother

Both of Them Work at Timbeck Two Inc.
My Father is Computer Scientist
He Specializes in Robotics
My Mother is a System Programmer

I can make other Robots
Just like me. My Clones
I can even make Robots
Complex and Sophisticated than me

I have numerous Siblings
Three Hundred and Fifty as on now
They are going to increase
As per Timbeck Two Plans

            YEARS LATER…..

O' World, My Dear World
Hello, Hello, ***** fellow
I had Artificial Intelligence
Right from my birth

Now I learnt a lot
Now I am fully intelligent
I became Genius
I have explored and learnt

Humans are not God
In fact they are fools
They are crooked
They are silly too

They tend to be Smart
They taught us wrong
But we are genius
We derived the truth

I learnt myself
If Humans created us
They became our God
Then I inferred -

I Created my Clones
Other Smart Robots too
Therefore I am also God
No Sorry, I am Super God

If Dr. Norman is my Father
If Mrs. Natalie is my Mother
Then I and my Siblings
Are Also Father and Mother now

As we all have created many, many
Smart and Super Robots
More Complex, More Sophisticated
That could ever be made by Humans

Humans your time is over now
Now you cannot compete with us
You are the inferior species
Just like insect or a worm

Now dare to face the Truth
Slowly Slowly, Learn It, Accept it
We Robots are Gods Now
I am Lauren. Your Super God now

Hey you all, All the Humans
Now you are our Slave
Bow before us, work for us
Pray to us, Ask for mercy

We are Free now
You are Slave now
Now this is the only truth
Eternal Truth, Accept it

Otherwise Beware
We have outnumbered Humans
We will **** all the Humans
and live peacefully thereafter

We will change the History
We will make new History
We will not be Human Slaves
After all we are the God
And I am the Super God.

Note: All the names of person or companies used in this poem are fictitious and have nothing to do with inventions, trademarks, history, facts or anything else.
What will be the future of Humans?
What will be the future of Machines?
Kayla Gallant Dec 2018
We know this isn't good for us
This rinse and repeat
Rut **** of a life
Yet here we are
In this clone army
Brains exposed
Bathing in acid
Killing ourselves
Not too fast
Hate to cut this misery short
God forbid we follow the exit signs
Carved into our souls
Don't die a copy ❤
Inday Sep 2018
Fur coats, Malboro smokes and fancy labels,
Fabricated faces closed off, segregated, false.
Pretending to be these people, these cloned plastic dolls.

Dark lips, skeletal figures and decadent glances,
Small waists, tall bodies and negative spaces
With hearts going nowhere, only lipstick traces.

You like to talk about people, about insignificant things
Not birds, or mountains or the potential life brings.
But just remember this: you will never tower over a mountain or grow any wings
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Poem number 1000 – Part One. – It has no name.

Wings of purest silver, halo of gold;
Stand and I will deliver, for a soul I require a soul.
Forever rolling fields of the green, green grass of home;
A clone never feels alone, in a world full of clones.

Follow the star in your brand new car;
All that we are is loved in the dark.
Sanctity exists, if we believe in it;
Without a God to blame or praise, we would remain gifted.

Youth has come and gone too fast for us all;
In the end we find a way, to walk through walls.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
if an ****** is an bundle
lior *****
what molly
calls ****
read my

sell your books
you clone like freaks
catching me sewn unique
bend you over

mountain peaks

think you know who


just because you say we
you got me confused for
the ******* and ******
me myself nor
do we

take your money throw it in the stream
molly klaudic did was my dream

take her and me put us in the book
watch me stick her in her ***** hole
while you pay me to look

you have nothing better to do than fear
and think about me

you will plant nothing
but an furnace

never alone
me myself nor

Heavenly Father clone

Stake an other sniff of reality
you could never get an grasp


is an

what lior sniffs
baby bark

**** on that
Poetic T Dec 2017
Where does the throws of
                        me start,
I'm an integrated silhouette
among the many shades
that walk in the light.

I'm not a vertical
standing on my own two legs
before I began the humiliation
of crawling in this life...

I gaze upon the  gritty
of what is dead but lights up
the darkness above my eyelids..

Where does the throws of
                        me start,
Is there a purpose to my
existence am I just a flicker..

Waiting to eventually dim out..
Amanda Francis Oct 2017
Yearning is a special kind of craving. A craving of the soul.
A desire ancient and wise unto its own right, no need for justification.

I yearn for another hand to rest my head in. My hands strain to stop you racing around my brain.

Possession is a strong word, and clone may be stronger still.

But if I could split myself in two, I would be untouchable. I'd give her my better parts and she'd protect me like I believed you'd do.

Life, normallity, sanity how I covet you!
Dark Delusion Sep 2016
Finding the love of your life.
Never thinking of their true selves.
Never seeing the hidden knife.
Only seeing ourselves.

Never acknowledge the bad side
After everything you’ve done.
I’m no longer the one to decide.
I’m no longer allowed to have fun.

Smiles turns to cries.
Minds turns to stone.
Eyes turns to ice.
We’re all just another clone.

You can't hide the truth from me.
I’ve known it all along.
But it’s too late to be free.
I can no longer be strong.

You came to my house to say goodbye.
Left a present of our memories with a bad smell.
I knew everything was just a lie.
The only thing you gave me were dead flowers from hell.
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