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Druzzayne Rika Nov 2020
Here goes the story,
a parallel sitting along
it is just identical
there we go,
witness it happen
but it is just so action
in different retrospection
with varying intention
all I think about is
this in recursion
If I could just
change the friction
what could it have been
there is no comparison.
Once, i created a clone of myself.
identical down to the very last atom.

a month later, i killed it-

I could not take it.

it was just like me-
only happier,better than me

and of course you liked it more.
inspired by one of the stories in
Solomon Jan 2019
Those without a mind,
could harm you,
Those with a mind,
would do so too,
Anya Sep 2018
There are many amino acids
But not nearly as many as there are

like us,
They are identical except for one key part
that makes them
Feel free to tell me your opinion. This was a passing thought, even I'm not sure I completely agree. I was sort of thinking of how we are all humans but we are unique as well.
Drifting in the folds of a spark you come
as a splash of cold water
in my face. Appears, I underestimated,
how hot those feelings race.

Have I been walking on a path without alarm,
while the forest descends on me?
Do my toes point me to a smile,
peace can never see?

What is this that springs from every breath I take,
as a spark ignites a flame?
    Why do I see it shaking hands,
in shades of red the same?
Copyright @09/15/18 - Neva Varga - Changefulstorm Poetry
Light House Mar 2017
He went down again,
after having failed his first attempt
at harvesting -- with his mouth --
the cornucopia of crops,
flooding up, between her legs.

But there was no produce -- nothing grown --
or in this way construed or made.
Neither was there was something in this moment flooding,
meaning.... nor was there actually a fantasized pair of legs,
or inclusive thighs enclosing him
as a Venus would trap its prey.

...Only a metaphor or figure of speech,
for everything creeping about within his head.
Only in his mind did things -- just like this --
unwind, as images played, turning into movies,
legends, & tales; making into monuments ...concepts..
which were once
too difficult to accept, by presenting them in softer ways,
ensuring -- no matter Its form -- he would face ....that Dark Abyss,
no matter its location on the spectrum.  No matter its shape,
whether a vast, cold black hole in space,
or as a narrow alley, still-vast, yet ..small, & warm,
..warm-ing his nose, cheeks, & lips... even the fragile skin
around his eyes: totally, encompassing his face.
No matter... even as.... that total mess,
staring him down, ferociously
inking between her legs ...grinning,
terribly, rim dripping, taunting him
amidst his second attempt.
Probably come back to this one in a few days.
First draft.
Shelby Azilda Jun 2014
Indentical Twins:
They have the same face,
But different souls.

— The End —