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Man Jan 2021
when there's post
who is it you hope
has written you?

when there's rain
do you feel it's in vain
if i asked to picnic with you?

i'd have to say
i'd like to stay
if only it's with you

open your window
i'm speaking to you now
if for anything, to let in some air

sure, it's chilly
but the birds sound so silly
when in the dead of winter
they sing
Jennifer DeLong Nov 2020
Your are what , I'm needing
Cold nights are colder now
Could use your body heat
Come warm me up

Can't get you off my mind
These chilly days
Darker days
Make me think of you

It's these cold days
I wanna snuggle
Needing you here

Come warm up
Give me what , I'm craving
Take the chill out of the air

© Jennifer L DeLong 10/19/2020
Moth Sep 2020
the sky hangs low
with a dark shroud
as the wind picks up
and blows light away
as the ground shifts
and the trees shake
when rain holds its breath
before they fall down
in this dreary day
we walk in whispers
rushing inside and away
from the misty chill
JasFow Jul 2020
Sometimes no matter how many people you have around you, there’s an emptiness is the air you breathe
A chill runs down your spine, making it difficult to stand straight like they tell you to
To block out the thoughts of pain that drains out the tears, I think about my favorite time of the year
The crisp breeze in the air over the dry warm day, stepping on piles of crunchy leaves
Remembering when I read books outside, the descriptive words that took me to a new location
Being able to escape the jarring echoes of my mind, wandering into a light haven for the time being
While the environment becomes more brisk and wants to lift my spirits, it reminds me it'll fade to a cold end
22 years strong and there's not much else the reminds me that good memories were made, but will there be more
One can only hope on a late October evening
I can't wait for Halloween
Coleen Mzarriz Jul 2020
Tears from the mystical sky
seeped in through my shoulder—
as I let its fervor tears
dampen my lowly soul;
he said, “hear me out”

The way it moves around
sailing toward to broaden
mysterious mists—the plastic clouds
covering most of the gleam of the sun
and the way he murmurs into my ears—
I can never get out again.

While strange stares pierced through
my core—a menacing way of
forcing unraveling fragile pieces
of my silent port, and there I
let a foreign one
travel his way through—
sailing beneath my springs.

On this day of August's chilly afternoon—
while the tears of the mystical sky
tumbles through my shoulder—dripping
my cold dry bones.
after a week of not writing.
LLillis Apr 2020
Spring snow chills the mind,
Environmental measured
Social distancing.
Stay home! The weather certainly helps. Less folks out looking at the new blossoms, more room for nature to do her thing unimpeded.
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