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Jenna Apr 2
It blooms with sadness
it grows in the wallowing night
calling out with frivolous colors
making me shiver all over again
Chilly night
Snow covered ground
Giving me chills
Sensations of night
Creeping about
Is it tonight
Is it possible
I may dread
a fate upon this soul
Chilly night
Feeling fright
upon tonight
I can feel it
I can hear it
What is it
So close my eyes
Nice & tight
Hope. I wake
upon morning light
© Jennifer Delong 2/19
Absent Minded Jan 28
This weather usually bothers me.
I don't know if it's the time of year,
The season itself,
Lack of sunlight,
Or a concoction of the three,
But something always changes.
Maybe the breeze touches my bones, Freezing my brains,
Slowing me down,
And making me sad.
Maybe the chilled breath
Of death himself
Against my veins
Makes my instincts
Scream to bury myself alive
On a field of landmines.
Donna Nov 2018
An English Fry Up
and a warm frothy coffee
Made autumn cozy
Had lovely fry up and coffee with my lovely husband Dean and our son Conner this morn at our local cafe **
Donna Oct 2018
The rain is falling
The clouds are feeling moody
Just like the pavements
It’s been raining all day so far x
Josh G Sep 2018
These eyes are weighted
Offering peace to this fight
Sleep sweeps me away
Natasha May 2018
the shadows dance on the spot you left
indented in the mattress
a reminder of its emptiness.
we destroyed ourselves in the nick of time
to sell our souls to the new age
and uncover all the sins we wished to find.
the wind shakes the trees and my bones
our bodies no longer a place we call home
through trouble and turmoil
you'd think we'd have grown
but instead, we're trapped
in crowded bars, streets and houses
Egg Mar 2018
Chilly is the quake of snow in my bones
the fresh, white blanket of memories
rooted in ice.

Chilly is the ******.
the ache
the addiction
to your arms
to warmth.

Chilly is my heart when you are out of reach.
When my pining arms span out
to find only
the coldness
of chilly sheets.

Chilly is the wait–
to be warm.

to be real
when blizzards rage and howling
   arctic winds did blow
profuse precipitation packed Philadelphia
   til white aery mountains did over flow

meteorological heft wrought pinkish glow
polygons pin wheeled and pirouetted
   landscape imprint pure as driven snow
diminution of visual acuity

accrued from two score plus nineteen birthdays
still marvel at freeze-dried raindrops
   reaction toward crystalline phenomena
   continues to grow

kaleidoscope of multitudinous
   hydrospheric blitz krieg terrestrial show
metaphor wrapped in supreme whiteness
   from singular entities high to low

mother nature imbues testament  
   teaches to offer self for world to know
as corporeal of flesh and blood
   we forget identity among human row

subtle riddle well hidden in molecule
   two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen in tow
offer quiet sermon to cherish beliefs
   and personal paradigms vis a vis status quo.
vera Feb 2018
there is no color in your cheeks
as you lay flat on your back
finger raised to the air
a smile grazing your face
last breath escapes
but your smile never fades
i think i love it
the way you hate the world
and all the things in it
but you embrace the rain
like a mother embracing her child
- ive confused myself
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