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When you fall in love with a poet
Time tells no one sleep
Lights fade in your eyes but lips brace at all times
For their affection is like water to plant seed
Lyre to bring relief & armor to shield mar fortified by a cord of three strands
Let me cherish and honor your word in spirit
Let me uphold your will and be consumed by enormous divine love
Let it not be me that faults, wanders off grid, journeys to fields with skull and bones, no flesh but dust, quiet with gust of winds that blow over temperate fallen seed
Where darkness looms with cries of tormented souls
"If only had we hoped", a phrase yet turned desire
Words now buried deep and left for ants to feed
Let me in on purity and comfort that comes with you through prayer
Inner love blessed by the spirit Let me grow more in faith
Let it be me, for its you oh Lord that I seek.
We often seek comfort in evil most times knowingly with a belief that as soon as we've had enough we can go back to Christ forgetting that the more time spent in the dark the more we die spiritually. There's nothing that hurts more than regret. When you have some inner darkness always seek light in Christ
People change just like seasons
Once familiar face now turned stranger
But why the sudden character change
I wrote your name on the ocean sand
5 meters offshore so it wouldn't be washed away
The shallow waves came but couldn't get closer to our line of fame
Watched the sun set that was pretty
Finally got to know what orange light looks like with someone
Said bye to the sun as it went back to sleep
Played in the water, rolled our bodies & enjoyed the last bits of the ocean's breeze
Made a vow to love & never be broken & sealed it with our lips
That's the joy we had in our ocean streets

By the river we had a seat, above the ground in the trees
Sat on our favorite branch & watched the leaves fall diligently
Listened to the birds chirp & wished we could fly like them
Stared so much though made no promises
From across we could see right through each others eyes

On Thursday's we stayed out late
Wandering along the streets till we found ourselves on my rooftop
Sat there, gazed at the stars
Made secret wishes that we later tricked each other to tell

Sunday evening was our calm not so quiet day
Time for sharing & hoped the new week went well
Had a sip of flavored coffee from the café just around the corner to warm our hearts and awaken the once "have to work personalities"
Embraced each other as we said bye before we lost track of time the more.
Though the winds blow I will stay
Out in the open I see the prefect grace unfold
My heart shall give way to love
Time will be lost but I will give the highest praise
Worship for all my days in Your name
Savior of all in you I trust
A mother calls out to her little one
Listen to what I say child of my own
Up lift your hands for the blessings cry out
The precious gift of life lies here with you child of my own
The stars and galaxies and all that are with in measure not to this ecstasy
My heart shall always beat with this endless love
You are a song in the night child of my own
And now this joy will forever be witnessed till the skies fade away
Dedicated to my mom
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