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The absence of your smile made me cry for the first time
More of a sign you and i are no more
The walls have been shattered
You're up there & I'm down on the floor
Always thought I would take it all in but seeing you happy makes me sad
Not that i envy your happiness but because I'm not the one with jokes anymore
Nice things do come to an end  though i wish that wasn't our door
Yeah it hurts to say bye but at least i had become a chord to your guitar and soul.
The body is at rest
When the eyes close for the spirit to travel
Long journeys from century to century, place to place and meet and interact with different people
Those it knows and new faces
Some are friendly, others are full of fury
Desiring to fill in without it's owner knowing
If trapped in the other world
One can't breathe the fresh air again
But these eyes force to open
When actual air kisses her face
Acknowledging a new day and new life to treasure
After a long night of fight and terror
Be grateful for every breath. Not everyone wakes up
Why else would a rose smell beautiful if you didn't say so
Why else would i crave flavours if you hadn't become my favourite
How else can i say the word i love you other than the way i say it.
somethings just happen with love
I have been in a train thinking about yesterday
We rubbed our nose's, kissed and wrote a new chapter of our lives
A day we spent at the beach looking at the freshwater as l cried tears of joy
A day that vividly happens when l close my eyes

My lady invite you to dine with my family
because you are the love of my life.
To all married couples.
Could you at least wait
One more minute
It won't hurt
There's always a story in the mind of a poet
Ash could turn back to paper,metal be liquidated
thorn be molded to something smooth as one paves their way out of the hole of wishes that never come true with urge to love and be loved there won't be a river from the eyes but joy with smiles.
Love is difficult but interesting when genuine. It's something we all wish for only that a few get a chance with it.
I got a thing for you
And I’m pretty sure you know it
I regret yesterday
For I let my feelings show it

Ever wonder why
The skies weep from above?
It’s to hide the tears
Of the dejected from rejection
There’s no objection
To my explanation
Pardon my lack of discretion

We do it all for love
We do it all for hate
There’s no neutral territory
There no time for explanation
There’s no time to set my mind straight

If only you could fall in love with me
Then we do it all
For the possible chance
That our one true slice of heaven
Will be sweeter than,
All our past miscalculations
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