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Lonely a phase,
Quiet shells of assumed comfortable silence saddened by thoughts, memories flooding the mind at rest
Questions of, "What if", "If only..."
It's all faded little joy
Now a territory of awkward behavior
If only the heart could speak, you'd tell how lonely everyone is
Amidst quiet tired evenings comes the silence, then again I'm reminded, it's okay to not be okay
If it's not yours, you'll lose it forever, if it is yours, it will come to you
Either way you're not settling for anything less just don't be afraid
You're only human
Impatient Imperfect Impulsive, yearning for tiny kisses, greetings and beautiful smiles of what you'd call home
It's no place, It's she
Art like human a soul
I Love you! Always do Miss you.
He was a shadow and she was his light
That much he knew
That much he still knows
She's not just any girl!
She's thee girl!
She's her own woman
Beautiful, kind sweet & ****!
He prays for her everyday
He hopes everyday she's out safe
He's hurt her before
He's sorry for the hurt he brought
He loves her dearly
She showed him real love
A kind he never thought even he was capable of
He holds onto that for forever
She's his girl
He's hers.
From all I say,

You can tell where I'm at
Whether or not am sincere
Whether it's all pretence
You could easily find the lies and the truths from all I say to you!
I'm an open book before the one I love
And that much control you have over me
You know me enough
You know where my mind is at.
I accept it all.
I don't fight at all
It's all okay.
I'll be fine.
I allowed it in the first place
I have to deal with it.
I just hope it all fades and...  
and we get back to normal or the awkward new normal
I don't know what it will be
But I hope it's the good kind
One that blossom
One that subdues the gray area we in
So we both live in peace
A change in the weather
A mirror with an unfamiliar reflection
A winter without snow
A sad song that plays on
It isn't the life I wanted
Clearly not how I imagined
Rallies for joy replaced by hurt and sorrow
How else could I see you
Only time will tell
My mind creates stories
Beautiful memories I'd want to hold
My eyes adore your every move
Sadly that's all I can have
Well you're you, am simply me
Could I be infatuated
I can't be this weak
I fell in love with an imagination
A vision I'd want to keep
If wishes were true, I'd have you through thorns and ash
Pick up the pieces
Create all for mine
I do want you
But I know I can't have you
Guess good things have you messed up
And all you left with is wishing you could have it all back
That's how scary it is when I think about falling for you.
cameo in my story

Hard to be wiped off

No matter how toxic she was
'cause some stains are bound to stick
There's goodness in someone even when they wronged you.
Sometimes you will remember and smile and be glad you at least crossed paths
Her: It beats my understanding why you'd want to meet this version of me, like this.

I want to meet her because I want a life with her
Talking to her keeps me warm
She says loving makes her weak but that doesn't make her helpless
She's a strong and easy person to love
Every bit a man wants in a woman
I've fallen for her even though she's afraid to try
Wants to be close but fears she'll lose me the moment she lets herself fall much deeper
Sometimes I hate her for it but she's only human
An innocent soul with an equally fragile heart
"I'll let you meet her when I don't feel like I need a return ticket" is what she says
I could tell she's ready but still in denial
Even when she tries to push me away,
I give her more reasons not to
To say it more plainly, I'm in love with her
That's why.
If there were a child to come
She'd learn to love like her mum
And patience
She's worth the wait.
When you finally open up and talk about everything, you get to realize that the person you were looking for has actually been there and you just weren't noticing. The moment you get comfortable, the hidden feelings you've all been fighting start to regenerate and this time it's stronger.
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