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Brendann May 17
Only fools rush in,
But those fools,
Have a better chance of getting to where they want,
Than those who procrastinate.

Guess that makes me the biggest fool ever... But not a day goes by that I don't love you less.
Free verse
Brendann Apr 29
A bullet through your chest
Feels almost like
A heart-break
Reverse poem
Brendann Apr 7
As the final flame burns to ash
Darkness floods the world over
A fog, suffocating all it consumes
Until a darkened soul
lights the empty ember
restoring the lost flame
Free Verse
Brendann Apr 1
When I die
Would you remember me in 2 weeks?
2 months?
Or 2 years?
If you look in the mirror and can't remember your old self
Before the mistakes you made
The drugs you took
The risks you didn't take
Before society took hold of you
How can anyone else?
Free Verse
Brendann Mar 12
The sky
Up so high
The pavement
Down so low
the building sways with the wind
The bottle I hold
Latching on for life
But it too
Wants me to let go
My mind says go
But my feet stay in place
My tears
Beating me to the road
Calling me
Telling me to fly
So I jump
Free Verse
Brendann Mar 10
All new faces
Each and every day
Such a small world
Wouldnt you say?
Won’t ever see me again
In this world of gray
For the world is for the living
So I guess I can’t stay
Free Verse, Every Second Line Rymes
Brendann Mar 9
The saying “Seeing is believing”
Is not really true
Because what if I said
“I love you”
You wouldn’t have to see
To believe it to be true
And there is no other way to explain that
It will always be you
You have my heart
It will always beat for you
Because I mean it when I say
“I love you”
Free Verse, Every Second Line Rymes
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