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Brendann May 10
I look up at the sky
So blissful and dark
So clear
Filled with an ocean of stars


I'm comfortable

Not happy
Not pleased
But comfortable

Because I have a sliver of hope
That even tho you live thousands of miles away
You're looking at the same star I am
And smiling, the same way.
Free Verse
Brendann May 10
Your smile, a crescent moon
That gives me guidance at night

Your eyes, a forest
That I get lost in

You, an angel sent down from the heavens
To mend, heal, and protect me

My life is not complete
And nothing can compete
With the love, you give to me
Free Verse
Brendann Apr 17
I am glass

I’m sturdy
till I crack
Then I shatter

don’t be fooled though
For even when I’m shattered
I’m still strong enough to hurt you
For when I shatter is when you bleed

So don’t push me

Or I might just crack
Free Verse
Brendann Apr 17
I’m so lost without you.

But you’re so free without me.
Free Verse
Brendann Apr 12
Now I have never kissed you before

But I have imagined it.
What it might feel like
Or what you might do

Some people say it’s magical
But do you think that’s true?

Because my Father says it’s like a raindrop,
Now I don’t understand that too

But he’s had a lot more experience than me
If I had to guess what he meant
I would say it’s soft,
And sends a chill down your spine,
Is a little uncomfortable at first
But in the end, it will be just fine.

If this is true, then it’s not how it feels that makes it magical
It’s the fact I’ll be doing it with you.
Free Verse
Brendann Apr 8
There are approximately 470,000 words in the English language

4 syllables in “Hey, How are you?”

9 letters in “Beautiful”

3 words in “I love you”

And still

I can’t find a single thing to say

When your smile accidentally makes my day.
Free Verse.
Brendann Apr 7
The creaking boards, leading to the endless fog

The smell of salt

The crack of the waves, seem like a distant memory

The only noise comes from the boards and the birds

The smoke, white as snow, consumes me as I near the end of the peer

I could only stand and stare
I wrote this in 2019. It was really smokey from the forest fires and I took my motorcycle on a ride to the beach. I walked down the pier, sat down in the smoke, and wrote this. It was so peaceful.
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