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annh Aug 2020
Lost in the empty crowd,
Searching for your eyes,
Questing for sweet recognition,
A face to call home.

‘In spite of its romantic frisson, the position of muse is very vague and largely thankless for the muse herself.’
- Katie Roiphe, In Praise of Messy Lives
Just Grace Jul 2020
Doesn’t have to be a bad word
Doesn’t have to mean “empty”
And “missing”

When I listen
It means there is a container
Wrapped tight
And taut in something warm
The hide of a once wild
and free animal
is now a fate reverberated
as another passionate, wild being
Strikes it
Sparks the potential aflame
Into a sprout of a heartbeat

Or it is
The fog
Once aimless and reaching
Until it finds a lighthouse
Its beam also reaching for it
So when light strikes the micro droplets
Each effervescent molecule
Is lit in the turn of the path
In each passing round
An orchestra plays

That is the word
To me
contemplation of the quality of a sound sample while producing a song
A H Butler Nov 2017
Lying teeth

silence roars.
The closer it contracts,
further it draws away.

Astonished to find
You're still confined inside
Your mind.

Destroy the weaker
and hide behind reticulum.

In the realm
of a hollow crown
I absconded,
endeavoured to uncover.

I‘ve left myself behind,
an inch
beneath water


A wisp of smoke
as it climbs.

Carry your shame,
rise to the chime,
an unfamiliar invitation.
Bring your mind back around,
around to this

The room begins to gratify;
You tax,
                       ­            diminished.

will never

The moment you appreciate,
Treasure motive
abhor being.

Be succinct.
© A H Butler
Rick Warr Oct 2017

we always connected
we felt it right away
how our spirits smiled
when we first met that day

i know you well now
when all is said and done
i even know how your toes
point down when you come

now we are good friends
which is how it should be
keeping our distance but
there's ever possibility

when you come close now
a mission i am on
to touch, to taste and join you
in genital frisson
Joshua Mason Sep 2016
I could delve deep into my self named brain,
or just trickle yours,
I'm the trickster of the lame and helper of the poor, minded.

Ill come at you until you gobble all I have to say you'll have to force it out like puke. So take a deep breath, let the venom in these words seep into your eyes and travel through the chains and locks reflex-fully shut on your heart, to the deepest most brittle parts of your fingernails. Let this feeling bring frisson to your back and spine, give it the power to move your body, slash at your sleep and keep you ever so small at night. Let yourself sleep.
Luna Feb 2016
A few seconds of his face
A glimpse of a biological pull
A desire to push and pinch
To slam and hold dear

Frissoning blossom
Blossoming feelings
Feeling warm
Feeling cold
Chilling heart
melting once more?


Not really
More of a pull
attraction caused
Causing strange
thoughts scattered
Wait, what?


Is it you
I'm wanting
I'm wishing
Wishful thoughts
Thinking of you
Your smile
smiling cutesy
Smiling for me

(I'm) weird,
(Your s)mile's
weird as well
Smile for me
(Make me happy)
(10-21-2015 - 01:31)
Belle Nov 2014
My orbs sought yours
Amidst the same old crowd
Waiting to connect
To create a sound so loud
An instant glee
This soul thirsts for
Just one look at me
I won't need more.

— The End —