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Dec 2019
It’s been a while,
I barely remembered your name.
But how could I forget
The curves of your face

We shot for the stars
And then aimed for mars
But ended up
In two for twelve bars.

Press replay on my broken heart
the starting blocks were just a false start
And even if I lose my throne
I’ll still have the memories we own.

Regardless, there’s always
Something on the radio
That makes me think of you
and diverges the sadness in me

And I don’t care if this moment is our last.
For if it is
Everything I’ll ever do will be past.
I won’t be there for the last laugh

Press replay on my broken heart.
Wind back the tape but don’t you warp my record
leave me melting, frightened in the winter heat.

Self focus and hibernate to chase the dream away
"Such narcissistic cynicism laid to rest on a TV dinner tray"
Alright, smart ****.
Your entire personality is a farce.

They hate the now. But hate the past even more!
Stick it to the man! But they’ll still clean his floor
I miss the crowd
I miss the bliss
I never thought it would come to this
Written by
GL Thompson
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