Amanda 3d
Balancing on a fragile wire
So high above me
Looking down on the pain
As I try to stop the fall
I know is coming
Tears, not mine, flood the plain

Focus, one step at a time
Sleep a forgotten language
As I walk in dreams
And figures in shaded form
Visit my days
Where nothing is at seems

Walking the tightrope
Silently amongst the loss
Breathing the air
Of a life planned absent
Of your voice
I can no longer share

I walk the wire
Waiting for the freefall
Into sedated black
So I can dive into oceans
Of saline dreams
And bring you back
Amanda 3d
I can see the reflection of the world’s heart
As light struggles through the shadow
Breaking the diseased tumour apart
Love being the life cure, generously applied
Through the human population flow
And Earths orbit turns into a joyride
Amanda 3d
Driving through the de-stress of another day
I can feel miles of worry fall away

Home, I am coming home

As tyres tread the familiar pass
The minutes drip through the hourglass
Only five more minutes to the underpass

Cars swarm like bees in honeycomb
Following the scent, the path leading home

Feeling the pull of your cologne

I can see the hug in your eyes
As your smile lights the world like fireflies
And your kiss rewires the heart ties

I am home.
Amanda Sep 9
I am flying
In a weightless bubble of dew
Glistening with rainbow sparks
In this golden sphere of you
I can breathe the air
Of musty male perfume
Carried high into the atmosphere
On a love misted plume
Locked together as lips are sealed
In kisses of salted rock
Don’t want to leave this time
So let’s stop the clock
Freezing the moment
As we mould into soft warm clay
And our heartbeats count the seconds
Of this never ending day
Amanda Sep 8
Sometimes I want to scream
Shout out, what does it mean?
When the bad outshines the good
All feelings become deadened wood
Numb against the daily grind
As 24hr headlines batter the mind

In this world of electric news
Where a disaster gains a billion views
Behind the glass fronted screen
Eyes behold the world wide scene
No tears can react or fall
To misery shown on this two dimensional wall

I remember a time before the internet glow
We had community, we had the flow
Of kindness, a compassionate heart
A hand to take when you are falling apart
No texts speak, or buttons to express a like
Or tweeting about another military strike

Science forging technology on
No one’s asking if it’s wrong
To go so fast that we lose the human track
When really we should be moving back
To when a heart can cry
When we see a stranger die.
Amanda Sep 8
Riding the wave
Of life’s tidal flow
Inhaling the breath of ghosts
Infusing the inheritance
At your birth, they bestow
A map with life travelled signposts
Amanda Aug 30
Weightless in a vacuum void
Floating above the pressure valve
About to erupt
I am the negative of the polaroid
There is no healing salve
For this life overdeveloped

A nucleus of the storm
Pulled claustrophobic taut
My eyes closed wide open
Traversing this daily norm
With the fleshy juggernaut
And the day has barely begun
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