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Amanda Feb 1
I long to break skin
To breathe, to take in
A breath of weathered sky
Watch the end of nights lullaby
As brittle with early dew
A rising sun is born anew

As I batter with fists against this cage
The walls crack with the rage
Too long in silence, my quiet room
This butterfly has broken from its tomb
Blinking against the growing pale
I spread out wings, fragile and frail

Wary, my steps slowly lead the way
From the darkest room, to a brightening day
I can smell the scent of tomorrow
And I can see the world, coloured rainbow
I’ve been too long hidden, out of sight
Now I fly, as my wings take to flight
Amanda Jan 28
How quiet is the rolling breath
Of foam upon it’s seeping death
The grey winds taken from the shore
As sand and rock are left no more
For life will not tally beneath the sail
Of crisp white linen, slashed by rusted mail
No more, no more the bell will chime
Upon the passing winds of time
The dead are sailing upon quiet seas
Their hopes are scattered in the breeze
Far from home and far to go
These unquiet souls lie below
Cursed forever, to sail and roam
This Flying Dutchman will hold no home
No port awaits this journey’s end
No harbour sits around the bend
It sails through twilight, night and day
The bow holds its course, the star leads the way
Amanda Dec 2020
Under the boughs of prickly green
Golden spheres of glass, set the scene
Catching light in prism sparks
As fairy lights bloom amongst the dark
They twist and turn, a glittering glow
Like stars exploding in a Cosmic show
As voices sing the joy of the season
Wonder is seen through eyes of children
For dressed in magnificence for all to see
This living, shimmering Christmas tree
Tis the Season
Amanda Dec 2020
Hands are not for high fives
When meeting up with friends
hands are not for taking selfies
Of parties with strangers at weekends
Hands are washing for 20 seconds
while singing a special song
Hands are for clapping
For our NHS, thank you all, be strong.

Faces can show a thousand signs
Of emotions we hold inside
Faces can show life's lines
As we smile, and laugh and grow
Faces can be all of these
But in this we must beware
Faces can also cough and sneeze
So cover up, wear a mask, don't share

Space is not the outer space
Where men travel to the moon
Space is not the parking bay
Where I park, and be back soon
Space is not the inner space
Where time's taken to reflect and grow
Space is the distance between humans
2m to stop the passing of Covid flow
COVID Lets all do our bit to keep ourselves and others safe. Only by the actions taken by us at this worrying time can save lives in our families and communities. Vaccine is here ,but lets not let our guard drop until everyone has had the lifesaving cure. Be safe..Be well **
Amanda May 2020
Missing traffic on a tarmac road
A plane scraping sky with it’s holiday load
Missing the roar of fans, match day
And Music concerts where people sing and sway
Missing the sound of footsteps in the city and town
Pub crawls with friends, starting from the Rose and Crown

Loving the quiet, the peace that silence brings
My heart could break at the song the blackbird sings
Loving the air, I can smell the grass not the emission fumes
How clean the sky, as the Earth breaks into flora blooms
Loving this time that the planet has been given
To take some time, a breath of air, a habit broken

Time to spend in deep reflection
Taking the space to find further direction
Time to look at what you really need
Not what you want in this modern greed
Time to see the world anew
A living breathing home for all, for me and you
Amanda Mar 2020
I can hear the sound
Another star burns
A roar of wind
Hot and dry
Warms up the frozen universe

Then a shock of light
Ignites the night sky
Poppy red covers my eyes
My body consumed in
A blaze of fire

I am starbursting
Atoms take flight
Across infinite expanses
To worlds not yet found
There they fall and grow
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