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Amanda 1d
Spending time in solitude
Alone with my scattering thoughts
Ears filled with music from
A Favourite playlist

My mood fitting the songs as I
Dance full pelt in the kitchen
Hope the neighbours can’t see
Oops, too late! Grin and wave
As I pass the window again.

But I am the queen of my castle
And the moat is just a dream
So, I spend my nights in solitude
Dancing like an Abba queen
Amanda 3d
She didn’t
But he wanted to
Speaking in foreign tongue
She was blind to the words he spoke
And tears fell as she broke into song
He laughed and his voice soared
Love brought the harmony
So, she did
Amanda 3d
Life is living in bright colour
Prisms of gold and green
Kaleidoscopes of wings, twist and whirr
Above a carpet of reflective sheen

As golden eyes, with silken fur
Look with greed on the human gene
As it reaches up a hand to a clear azure
Ignoring the wonders that breathe unseen
Amanda 6d
Can sleep bring blindness?
And dreams block sound?
I no longer
See, submerged in nightmares

I haven’t seen the sun today
Or heard the birds on the bough
I have been
Deaf, to voice and song

I thought I saw a spark
But it was brief in its illumination
A short-lived
Awakening, before sleep pulled me back

Here I can be lost, so I can be found
By you, who is gone from the world
I can still
Feel, the touch of your hand

You tether me to the living
Where voices sing and rainbows dazzle
I want to
Feel, life again, without the pain
Amanda 6d
I feel the living earth under my feet
Soft mulch between my toes
Luxuriant in leafy peat
Its presence vibrates like blows
And my heart picks up the beat
Life is thriving above and abiding below
This bustling ecosystem two-way street
Amanda 6d
The Sun has gone to rest
Over the horizon to the west
Leaving the last sleepy rays for best
It's beauty, quietly expressed
Amanda Jun 5
I want to be rich
Want the wealth abundance
Of all that can be collected
But not paper, or gold, in heavy weight
No cost is paid for what is learned
As a human, living a humane life
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