Amanda Jul 7
Tell me about the day I was born
Was it raining or sunny
On this mid-summer morn
Did I cry and whimper
In this world that was new
Or did I reach for the embrace
In the warm smell of you

Tell me about my childhood
Did we laugh and play games?
Was I a bad child, or good?
Did I go to school to learn my sums?
Do my chores and homework each day
When I fell, was it to you that I ran
To kiss the hurt away

Tell me about when I was grown
Did you shed a tear, or two?
When I left the family home
And did you reach out to catch me?
As I stumbled through this adult life
Learning about responsibility to earn enough
To support my new family, husband and wife

Now I will tell you my story
Memories start from when I was young
Of being loved and protected
In arms that were strong
Encouraged to be, who I wanted to be
Every step guided, with a nod and a smile
So I hope i have lived a life, to make you proud of me

For my Mum
Amanda Jul 4

You look, but don’t hear
Each day the same
You speak my name

I am here

You look tired, and face worn
Eyes crusted from nights not rested
And days lived where strengths are tested


I need to say, so much, or very little
So many minutes we had, lost in silence
Would trade my soul for one more sentence

My heart beats

Silently from the depths of my cold bed
But love, yes the love, that I forever gave
Beats a tune of the loudest drum from my grave

For you

I have lingered, but I can feel the pull
Gently leading me away, I can’t fight, though I try
It’s time. I leave you with love, but not goodbye

I will be waiting.
Amanda Jun 14
Under a pale damaged moon
A ghost takes to flight
On soft white feather wing
It glides amongst stripped bare wood
As soft as a whisper
It plunges into the undergrowth
And a small thrumming heart is stilled
With deadly strike
Then quiet as a sigh the ghost drifts away
With its silent passenger
Hungry mouths are waiting
Amanda Jun 14
Lay down your head
On soft velvet clover
Breathe in the perfume bed
As cotton white clouds drift over

Slowly walls break stone by stone
As the silence hits, hard as a hammer
Are you lonely? You are alone
Amidst the wreckage, as memories stir

A journey travelled by crooked road
Each turn a choice, or was it destiny woven
Every step taken carries a load
And the weight grows with the path chosen

Regrets? There were a few rocks in the road
Second chances are like fairy powder
You don’t get chance to reload
A life lived, is a life, so live it louder

At the end when peace is searched for
Lay down in a perfumed bed
Of soft velvet clover
While white cotton clouds drift overhead
Amanda Jun 3
If choices were wishes
I would wish
For you
If you were in an ocean full of fishes
Then my hook would be baited
For you
I would kiss a thousand frogs, looking for romance
But hey, I’m not looking for prince charming
Just You
I would fight a dragon with pointed lance
Brave the fire, risk life and limb
For you
I am not a princess looking for rescue
I am not sleeping, or cleaning cinders
I’m here
Ditch the white steed, there are no villains to pursue
Give me our happy ever after, love me.
And that will do
Amanda May 22
How soft the wind sighs
Over perfumed purple bush
And songs of the bees
Breaks the lonely quiet shush

I am alone, adrift, marooned
In an endless sea of untamed heath
Shadowed by ancient crags
As they rise up high like broken teeth

Life abounds in the gorse and heather
And a curlew cries out its haunting cry
My heart aches in wonder as I watch
As it soars under a clear open sky

But I am not wanted, nor needed
In this place, this frozen time
But my presence will be suffered
By a land that will never be mine
Amanda May 19
Crystal splinters fall as tears
Creating ripples of light
I am blinded, filled with fears
Of this never-ending fright night
As the explosion hits my heart
And I feel the pain as it rips in two
Encompassing, this love was new, a start
Of me and U 4ever, I have your text, so it’s true.
You lied.
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