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Amanda May 1
Missing traffic on a tarmac road
A plane scraping sky with it’s holiday load
Missing the roar of fans, match day
And Music concerts where people sing and sway
Missing the sound of footsteps in the city and town
Pub crawls with friends, starting from the Rose and Crown

Loving the quiet, the peace that silence brings
My heart could break at the song the blackbird sings
Loving the air, I can smell the grass not the emission fumes
How clean the sky, as the Earth breaks into flora blooms
Loving this time that the planet has been given
To take some time, a breath of air, a habit broken

Time to spend in deep reflection
Taking the space to find further direction
Time to look at what you really need
Not what you want in this modern greed
Time to see the world anew
A living breathing home for all, for me and you
Amanda Mar 21
I can hear the sound
Another star burns
A roar of wind
Hot and dry
Warms up the frozen universe

Then a shock of light
Ignites the night sky
Poppy red covers my eyes
My body consumed in
A blaze of fire

I am starbursting
Atoms take flight
Across infinite expanses
To worlds not yet found
There they fall and grow
Amanda Nov 2019
Looking across the purple plain
Swallowing scents of violets
They fill my soul, lift my brain

My grandfather’s smile takes my hand
Leading me into an unknown land

Fear drips away like poison from a vein
I can breathe in the future possibilities
He is showing me. I can live again

Mistakes are like a pointed stick
You can’t escape as they **** and *****

You tell yourself that school is out
Hard to relearn a new life skill
Fighting against the smothering doubt

But my grandfather is my steadfast critic
My moral compass, my super heroic

His calming tone speaks quiet and clear
Don’t dwell on the past, its gone and done
The future awaits, so be brave, don’t fear

He died on a Tuesday, the sky was a heavy grey
My tears never dried, so it rains each day

But I can still smell the purple of the violets,
His garden was filled with the delicate blooms
Times spent talking, watching golden dusted sunsets

And if I could choose the scent of heaven and floral plume
Then it will be clouds of purple and a violet perfume
Amanda Nov 2019
At the end of day, on the edge of night
The evening star sends out its light
In it's wondrous state, it rules the sky
The clouds dog its path, as the winds drop a sigh
To see your beauty, oh Venus, you are
To the world a far planet, but to me a bright star
Wrote this when I was twelve, Amazed i can remember it !!
Amanda Oct 2019
Summer leaves are dying
Turning into reddening rust
Forgetting the warm rays
Of sunlight golden dust
As birds head to early roost
Days are dropping hours of light
And a gathering chill mists the breath
Of a bear sleeping his long, long night
Dreaming of a spring cold river
Where salmon dance against the flow
And a cold silent forest
Shakes off the last flakes of snow
Amanda Sep 2019
Can’t sleep at night
Whispers fill my head
They are known to me, these
Voices of the long dead
Looking for guidance
I should listen to their counsel
But who am I fooling.
There’s only one voice in this skull

Guess I am just missing
The guiding hands that raised me
Always there to turn to
When life got a little scary
So now I have to be the strong one
Trust in the decisions I make
Be true to the values they taught me
And hope I don’t make a mistake
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