Amanda 3d
Don’t fall sleep, my little one
Don’t close your eyes
Not for a second
Don’t rest your head
On that soft feather pillow
Don’t count the sheep
As they leap over the wooden gate
One, two three, four

Don’t look to the sky
The sun has long gone to bed
Don’t search for flowers
They have hidden their beauty
To shine for another day
Don’t look for the squirrels
They are curled up, warm in their tree
Dreaming of a world of acorns

Don’t listen carefully
To this lullaby I sing
Fight against the pull of heavy eyes
As you drift into dreams
Where stars will carry you
On a magical flying carpet
Over rainbow mountains
And cotton candy fields

Don’t worry
I will be here
Keeping you safe
And in the morning
When you wake
I will be waiting
To share another day
Of wonderful adventures
Amanda 7d
Meditate a moment
Of quiet whispers
Soothing a restless mind
As it closes a door on the day
Home is found
Amongst the clutter
Blissfully drift into the embrace
Of the familiar quiet
Amanda Apr 16
Cast adrift on a molten sea
Lost is the anchor, the tether
That held me, safe and secure
I am driftwood
With no course, no destination
Lost amongst the salted foam
I am carried to a distant horizon
Where a sun kissed sky, bleeds into the sea

Where is my safe harbour?
He is gone. Left for another shore
A whirlpool, I was spun around
Pulled into him, drowning.
Then cast out, abandoned.
I am driftwood
floating on fast, warm currents
I will go where they carry me
Until I hear the call of a new shore
Amanda Apr 15
I am going to miss
The smell of freshly cut summer green
When lawns are manicured
To an inch of pristine

I will always look
For the day shattering light
As the warming rays break through
The cold blanket of night

Eyes closed, breathing deep
My senses searching for the perfume
Of a remembered summer meadow
When buttercups opened in crowded bloom

Tips of Fingers
Caressing a soft cotton shirt that you wore
As my lips brush lightly over your smile
One kiss is never enough, I always want more

I will remember
Warm nights on soft white sands
Listening to the sighs of an ebbing tide
As we lay on a blanket with entangled hands

I see you
Replaying the film of this life, I was given the chance
To build memories in multi-colour stereo
And have experienced a life of sensual dance
Amanda Apr 14
Here we are
What is a new life
To breathe in our
While we look for the
Of the life lived
Amanda Apr 11
How sharp the frost
That falls on the summer rose
As an unnatural winter
Covers a hot June land
And honey bees search for what is lost
In a place where nothing now grows
As tears fall as acid, for here we were.
A billion grains of sand.
Amanda Apr 8
I am a wicked witch
With black hair, crooked teeth
My friends call me Myrtle
My cat Jinks, who can’t spell, calls me Keith
I can turn an ugly, fat frog into prince
When I spend my nights making spells
But it’s much funnier and more often, than not
The prince is turned into a frog, don’t tell.

I am a wicked witch
I have princesses knocking at my door
Looking for true loves first kiss. Yuk!
So, they buy apples and spinning wheels
Hoping to find their prince, tough luck!
The princes are living in my pond, eating flies.
But I tell them eat the apples, prick their fingers
One day their prince will come. Wicked me, what lies!

I am a wicked witch
The king has arrived at my door
He isn’t looking happy. I best make ready to run.
Witch Myrtle, he says, I need your help
I don’t know what to do. You are the only one
That I can rely on, no-one else can do.
A Dragon is roaming the kingdom
He roars fire, eats sheep, I need you.

I am a wicked witch
But I say kindly, my King there is no need to worry
I have the just the thing that can help
But you must promise to do everything I say
You can have no misgivings, no doubt
I have a sword that will cut through dragon scaling
And flame-proof armour, nothing like you’ve seen
So stop your crying and no more wailing
Now listen carefully. Good, he seems keen

I am such a wicked witch
Word has come back from the town
Telling of the meeting between the king and dragon
How the king stood tall and proud, despite the titters all around
Dressed in a flame proof diaper and holding a green snake tail rattle
How the dragon looked at the king, before slowly falling to the ground
People say in all their years, they had never seen the sight
Of a dragon rolling in laughter, there is no stranger sound.

Oh dear, I am a wicked witch
The king sent solders to arrest me. But I have sent them back
As rats dressed in ballet shoes and fluffy white tatu’s.
I am sure the King will like them. But then again, maybe not.
I think it’s time I left this house and pack up all my things.
I am ready to go with Jinks on my shoulder. But this broom’s too small
So, I call in a favour from a friend, and he is happy to oblige
Because dragon, really is the best way to fly, after all.
Another one written just for fun
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