Amanda 2d
I remember you
Your laugh was loud
Infectious to a crowd
How your shoulders shook
As tears fell from your eyes

Gifting smiles to strangers
As if you knew who they were
And they responded, as if you were sure
You always entered a room like a hurricane
And left people never feeling the same

Life was an adventure
To be lived to the absolute full
You were the larger than life china shop bull
Collecting people as you charged through life
Quickly embraced into the whirlwind of you

Lifting my life into sonic sound
I lost my feeling with the ground
As I clung to your tail, we blazed a trail
Then I cried as your shooting star fell
Hitting Earth with shattering force

Then like a clockwork toy
Your life began to unwind
And calmness began visiting your mind
Days were spent in tranquil reflection
And quiet laughter was shared, of times remembered

A chasm too large to measure
Has scarred this orbiting home
And light has faded in your catacomb
I feel the weight of the gravity pull
And the world will mourn the loss of you
Amanda 4d
Water falls into turquoise lagoons
Where softly dusted butterfly wings
Chastely kiss a blue sky mirror
As the sun admires its reflection
Dressed up in cotton white clouds
Vibrant birds fluff out their feathered costumes
Listening as warm winds pass through talking trees
Hidden in a desert of lush green foliage
Enclosed in a ring of bleach white sand
As deep blue water guards the periphery
Of this last of Eden’s islands
Amanda 5d
In the early dew I see a world reflected
A living sphere of possibilities
And as a new days sun traverses the horizon
Joy is born within its gleams of golden red
Breathing in the crisp morning breezes
I watch the day warm. Another day has begun.
Amanda Nov 18
Tell me about life
How do you make it through the day?
Tell me about life
How do you find your way?
Tell me about love
When it fills your heart
Tell me about love
When it breaks you apart

Life is everything
You learn something each day
Life is everything
There is always help to find your way
Love is everything
Big enough to fit everyone in your heart
Love is everything
You can keep it, even when you part

Everything is love
And in life
Love is everything
Amanda Nov 15
Want to get drunk on apple cider
Fall into the haze of apple scent
Want to dance the two step
Until my legs are spent
Want to forget my name
As I am carried to my bed
Left to sleep in a spinning cycle
That revolves around my head
Then the morning breaks
Hits my brain with a sonic boom
And splinters pierce my eyes
As the sun cracks into the room
Birds scream out full throttle
And my eye twitches with each tweet
Want to run to the window screaming
But can’t seem to feel my feet
Ten minutes later I have moved
A foot away from the bed
I know what must be done
To cure this hanging head
Get drunk on apple cider
Fall into the haze of apple scent
Then dance the two step
Until my legs are spent
Amanda Nov 15
Night folds over another day
And fireflies burst into glow
Amongst soft summer trees
They shine like living stars
And my eyes turn to the universe
As warm winds sigh across my hair
I breathe in the warm perfume
Of Earths rich and golden season
Amanda Nov 11
Walking down streets
Lined with cobbles in broken stone
Finding the familiar in the unfamiliar
This could be my childhood town
But I am a million miles away
Crowded amongst strangers
Who don’t know my smile

Looking for comfort
In a landscape that is foreign
Finding someone who will take my hand
Show me the familiar in the unfamiliar
How this could be my home
I may be a million miles away
Crowded amongst strangers
But they will know my smile
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