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Chris Saitta Jan 2020
The mouth is the small compass of the soul,
Without dials, true north, or magnetic force,
The ungaugeable instrument of the voice,
In directionless modulations of undertow,
To circumnavigate under cartographer’s pole
Stars guide our wayfinding-heirlooms of words.
eva crown Oct 2018
i type my middle name cautiously
and watch resignedly as the red squiggle appears underneath
but with smug satisfaction
i right click
and hit
'add to dictionary'
hah, take that
i am now part of the lexicon
and you can't stop me
take ownership of your asian-american identity
Ira Desmond Aug 2018
Being able to wield
the lexicon
of morality

is not the same
as being
a moral person.
of late the word sources
has featured in an American President's
and on the subject of sources
he does like to ramble on and on
and on ....  

who are the sources
the unnamed gang

what is the purpose in the sources
wretched clang-a-lang

when will the sources
show the song sheet which they sang

where do these sources
all inconspicuously hang

why oh why are they sources
without any real twang


how can we believe sources
who've become estranged from
a reliable fang

— The End —