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Keiya Tasire May 2019
They say, "It's all about Love."
"What is Love?" asked the Love starved child
Singing, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Love, how I wonder where you are...."
Her eye caught a falling star
Following it across the sky
Dear Star
I wish for Love.
Show me what is Love.
I want to Love.
I want to be Loved.
Why am I not loved?
Is there something wrong with me?
It is normal for a child who has been neglected to feel they are what is wrong? They carry shame and guilt. They come to believe that they are not lovable. When it is the world around them that is wrong. Not the child.
Cambria Andersen Oct 2018
Time is burning like a candle, the flame dancing next to my bed.
And, somewhere in my mind I am searching, 'round the many corners in my head.
And, somewhere in my mind I'm seeing, lovers, ghosts of who we used to be.
And, somewhere in the night I smile, as I rescue moments from my memory.
Somewhere in the night I'm racing, reaching out to catch your falling star.
Grasping at it with eager hands, only to drop my own fragile heart.
This poem still haunts me. Every time that I read it.
It all happened. every bit of it.
It was good that it did. I am better for it.
Tink Aug 2018
Watching the night sky
Amazed by the delight
Of passing meteors in our galaxy
Attracted by Earth's gravity
Falling dust as a shiny star
So near and yet so far
Fascinating young and old
To make a wish, we have been told
We complete our sheer delight
Witnessing awesomeness of a night
Star dust showering us from above
Evoking hope and wishes of love
We are dust, star dust from the galaxy
On Earth to shine as bright as we can be
Kartikeya Jain Apr 2018
And I had no need
for wishing upon
falling stars
because you are all
I wished for
and you are here.
Pauline Morris May 2016
The road I was placed on was ***** and dark
No human kindness, not even a spark

The monsters are always pursuing
They are my lifes undoing

So now I'm trying to fly with out wings
Without a voice I'm trying to sing

Those monsters wont leave me alone
Oh, what horrors to me they've shown

I wish for someone that can console me
When the putrid memories start flowing

I wish for someone to hold me tight
When I'm in the middle of the fight

But monsters are all that have a hold
It's left me bone tired and cold

How useless to wish upon a falling star
That on the ground only leaves another scar
a gale Aug 2014
I remember you said
“I’d rather catch a falling star,
Even if I could have
The blazing sun”

But darling did you notice
How my eyes lit up
With such hope
As she was the sun
And I was simply
A star
That’s falling for you

*a. gale
Suka Jun 2014
The stars that fall
from the sky so blue
well they learned it all
watching me fall for you.


— The End —