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John McCafferty Aug 2020
Feeling unkempt from shortness of breath
Brain functions less as cloud covers ahead
Given a rest when energy spent
Lungs are suppressed
No control in the chest
Closeness too dense
Muffled words left to float in the air
Stifled and drowned
Faint from the crown
Blood pressure down
Warmth idling for me not to care
Few beads of sweat, heat heavy and wet
Recovery yet but soon on the mend
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Nolan Willett Apr 2019
I think that I've been branching out,
You ought to have seen me before:
Idling abed, lying about,
Wasting away, frightened to live
I think that I've been speaking more
My own faults striving to forgive.

But I still need to feel alone,
I know you do not think like that,
Some days I must turn off my phone,
Some days I do not want a friend
And cannot stand to have a chat.
After this spell I'll make amends.

I do not hate humanity,
So I ask you not to conflate
or demonize my oddity.
Nor kindly do not misconstrue,
And most of all do not negate
The fact I love my solitude.
we'd all like to have
that nice cushy job
where toiling can be given
a mammoth fob

those who've landed
in these plum positions
will be assured of the
best working conditions

few if any missions
do get facilitated
the office is a place
of nil being slated

an extended lunch hour
management takes
whilst busy bees are
hauling the heavy stakes

company CEO's lounging
around in boardrooms
penalizing the labourers
who are pushing the brooms

wouldn't it be great
to sit constantly down
and not keep polishing
the boss's idling crown
Amitav Radiance Aug 2014
Idling away is inspiring
Mind wandering afar
Supine on the soft grass
Every tuft cradling me
Becoming a mediator
Between the sky and Earth
Earth holding me firm
Sky is the vast canvas of my dreams
Flying high with the winds
Watching the birds fly
Flapping their wings in coordination
Mediating my earthly dreams
With the celestial sphere
Cocooning my simple dreams
Idling away makes me happy

— The End —