Jose H 6d

I walked up a hill
A hill covered in asphalt
Ugly, treacherous land
Although the land, hideous
The land beyond
More beautiful, than anything seen
I climbed this difficult landscape to see
To experiance
What it would be like
To stare into the eyes of true beauty

In my return
It was gone
Burned to ashes
Now i stand here
Realizing the land I loved
Has abandoned me
Standing here
My truest fear has become reality

In my return
I have lost the love i had for only seconds
Yet I have lost the love i have longed for
My entire life.

  7d Jose H
Haydn Swan

The wind carries secrets,
crashing waves on rooftop shores,
whistling through the bones of trees,
carrying whispers of sleepless souls,
lost lovers names as whispers in the night,
swirling shadows of bending boughs,
knocks and rattles, tumbling shakes,
angry breaths on the eve of morn,
soothing sighs carried in from dark,
rustling leaf's do a dance of delight,
carried forth to slumbering rest,
so listen carefully my friends,
to the secrets in the hearts it tends.

  7d Jose H

In wonder of the world
of her mysteries
sitting here dreaming alone
I wandered over a hill one day
seeking expecting
and she appeared
like a vision
shimmering perfection

I saw her in dreams before here
she was standing growing
over the hill the whole time

always she had been there

I had just not gone forward enough

I stood in awe

and she like a tulip

  Sep 10 Jose H
Drew Blanton

When I was very young,
I came upon
two roads.
One was narrow,
and the other wide.
I knew most people
would take the wide one,
so because I'm a rebel
I took the narrow one.
That road led to
a treasure.
What a difference!

  Sep 10 Jose H

Your words speak to me,
They let me know
There is somebody else like me.
Your words are art to my eyes.
Floating figures from an alternate reality.
Touching my thoughts.
Whispering in my dreams.

These words were part of a note I sent to another person on here.  I liked them so much after I re-read them...I decided to put them here for all to see.
But, it is the way I feel about good poetry.  No 'tricks'...just plain honest art.
  Sep 10 Jose H

I open my eyes in the morning,
And look at you.
Your eyes, closed,
Your face, relaxed,
A faint smile from your lips.
I wonder what you are thinking.
I watch you gently breathing.
Your face contorts and moves,
But you remain asleep.
You mutter something incoherent.
I wonder if you are dreaming.
Your eyes move gently behind your lids.
You moan a bit,
Your lips form a soft smile.
You open your eyes and,
You kiss me softly on my lips,
And whisper...I LOVE YOU.

  Sep 10 Jose H

Love is a cheap commodity
a form of stock exchange
a currency value
a way to determine a worth.

Hatred is expensive
it raises the waves
it calls for the howling wind
the tremulous quakes
and the shattering glasses.

one, two, three, four
four couples walked down the aisle
the holy shrine shines
the crowd claps in glee, amusement
and some in cynicism

five, six, seven, eight
the claps became slower and slower
the smiles on the faces froze like marble statues
the pregnant women wept
the men groaned in annoyance
the children were the only one laughing

the sky became dark
the birds stopped chirping
the owls hooted in the dark dark night
the gowns have turned to a shade of midnight blue
the bells have stopped ringing

The eight brides stood there and said "I do."

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