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Jose H Aug 2018
You say you're a hopeless romantic
A man that has fallen in love
In love with a simple one night stand
A one night stand you figured you could handle
Rather the inappropriate love lingers
Tied to your mind with every ounce of paranoia
Rattling thoughts of love, lust, and confusion
Is it love?
Is it a future to be had?
Thousands of thoughts, scenarios, actions and complex emotions
What could it all possibly mean?
Sitting there tangled in thoughts of a one night stand
The one you wish to have over and over and over
Till love meets lust
Until you find the meaning of the awkward meeting
Oh, the torment of uncertainty!
It is nothing, but a one
If only your obsession with attachment would let you see.
I have issues, let us leave it at that.
Jose H Aug 2018
Once a hopeless romantic
Gazing upon yellow skies
Oh, what warm sensations filled this soul
Not even the coldest of night could chill

Once her lover
Her one and only
Who carried her in his heart
Embedded in his soul till the end of time

Once true love
Till the words spoken pierced the soul
The simple words to change one forever
“I never did love you.”

Once, the words were spoken
During the intimate time of love
A pain unlike any other
To change one forever

A once hopeless romantic
Now, a fearful nervous mind
Unable to form attachments of love
Rather, paranoid ties of abandonment.
Jose H Dec 2017
Just a second
A simple drop of rain
The drop of a grain of sand
The blink of an eye

There is nothing quicker

Metal cold as death
Sound of stampede in the chest
The sweet release

Nothing faster than death
Death at the pull of a trigger
Free myself from the burdens of life
If only simple were oh so easy.
Jose H Nov 2017
I saw you in fall
Red shirt, black leggings and black shoes

I saw you in winter
Black sweater, blue jeans and black shoes

No matter when i saw you, you smiled
A beautiful crystal smile

No matter the night i can always hear your voice
No matter the situation, I always smile at your laugh

No matter what
I can say,  a kiss was always just a kiss
Till the day I kissed you.

Till the day you deceived
The day you used
The day I hung my head in shame
Till the day I kissed you,  became the most regretable day.
Jose H Nov 2017
It was the first
Love was in the air
The sensation of her creamy
pressed against my own
Body to body
Heart to heart

I love her with all I can
I'd give life away for her if I
The first
oh the sensation so blissful
The sensation so inviting

It was our first
It was the first I could not enjoy
All for the words

No strings attached...
I would give everything for this girl that i love, a girl that know I love her. All she could say in our first time was, no strings attached. So much for a first time .
  Nov 2017 Jose H
The tail of two souls
I smoke **** just like you.
Money gives me greed just like you.
******* makes me wonder just like you.
My parents kicked me out when i was 17 just like you.
I died inside when i turned 13 just like you.
I saw life for what it was a 7 just like you.
I want to die everyday just like you.
I think about killing myself just ljke you.
I don't like money just like you.
I love the moon just like you.
I love the idea of love just like you.
Most important im not alone, just like you.
For everyone younger than my 23 years that's ready to go i feel your pain.
Jose H Oct 2017
Is it left?
Is it right?
Is it there among the trees of oak?
Is it before the crystal waters of the sea?

Please madam is it among the country road?
Is it there? Among the safeguard of the lighthouse?
Is it here where I stand?
Here? Am I to be lost in this center of blindness?
Center of confusion?

It must be among light
Doomed among demons?
Here among the darkest center of earth?
Why this treacherous land?

Among the ashes of once beautiful land
dwelling upon the light of life
A simple sight lost from these clouded eyes
Doomed to die upon the familiar sadness this cage holds.
Sometimes the spot you're in ***** and there just isn't a way out.
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