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Light and dark is infinite
Light is breaking the constriction of the minds desperation to chain itself to the dark.
Dark is cocooning the mind further into the chains that shields itself from the light.
Light stares with their prying headlamps.
Dark laughs and suffers and clinks their chains with you.
Light fights til they’re bloodied, barbed chains slipping from their clotted congealed hands.
Dark helps you pull up the chair and tie up a nice rope.
Light lets out a caterwaul when they see what the heavy chains they let slip have caused.
Dark wears their chains, kicks out the chair, and swings lightly in the breeze with you.
Light pulls down the dark chains, heavy with guilt and pain, slings them over their shoulders, and trudges off into the dark.
Romaisa Abbas Jun 15
From a very young age,
I have wondered about chains;
What are they,
Where are they,
Why are they.

And in my quest,
I have often found myself,
Lunging at me, for myself.
To live amongst -

In the end, you chain yourself. Don't you?
Glenn Currier Apr 24
By Glenn Currier

I had forgotten him
until he appeared in a dream -
he so qualified
me so average -
and I awakened barely recalling him
but the shame attacked me with a fury
and has not loosened its grip
even in the late afternoon.
And I thought I became a different person
after twenty years,
even in the last five years.
Am I still shackled to that old self
with scars like ex-slaves carried
from the chains and whips?
It seems people fade but feelings rarely do.
I bow to Samuya with gratitude for the poem below:
“You can forget the person
but can you forget the feeling?”  

Maybe the writing of this poem will loosen the grip of that feeling.
Set me free
Of which these chains
In which my mind entraps
The Foody One Apr 16
Such strange creatures
we are -
Flesh and Bones
and Pain - and Ambitions -

From inside Desire
urges Itself forward -
Traps and enslaves
every Will in its chains.
© 27/03/20
Amanda Apr 13
Pull me out from depths of the prison of panic and fear I inhabit

One small phrase willing words straining against bars of my ribcage to slip through
And be released

Passion the officer responsible for overturning the former guilty verdict
In favor of a tentative plea bargain

To let solitary confinement end

Along with the silence that had been my cell since the very first day
Of my self-inflicted sentence

Now I sense a shift
As the emotion locked tight finally is allowed the sweet taste of freedom

As the door to jail my heart was enclosed in opens with a click
The words I have been holding hostage are trapped no more

Escaping my lips with surprise

My feelings in chains no more

"I love you too"
About the first time my boyfriend said I love you after we had been broken up for a year
Sabika H Apr 7
Your tear
Trickles and drips
Into a sea
Of blood.
Chains left
Red and blue stains
Around your wrist,
Around your neck.
Mirrors show a reality
You cannot accept.

You scream
Watching the growth of
A rotten seed.
What else do you do
In the wake of
The ugliest deed?
What else do you do
In the wake of
A limitless greed?

Your tear
Trickles and drips
Into a sea of blood.
Ripples grow
And reach out
Far and wide
Tainting streams.

The blood boils.
The blood hears the chains
Rattle in this
Mortal coil.
In My House
by Michael R. Burch

When you were in my house
you were not free—
in chains bound.

Manifest Destiny?

I was wrong;
my plantation burned to the ground.
I was wrong.

This is my song,
this is my plea:
I was wrong.

When you are in my house,
now, I am not free.

I feel the song
hurling itself back at me.

We were wrong.
This is my history.

I feel my tongue
stilting accordingly.

We were wrong;
brother, forgive me.

Published by Black Medina. Keywords/Tags: racism, racist, slavery, chains, plantation, burned, house, free, freedom, history, forgive, forgiveness, brother, brotherhood, understanding, tolerance, equality, justice
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