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The Calm Apr 2019
The moment I lost faith in the red, white and blues
is the moment 20 kids died in their school shoes
How could I expect the heart of people to be cold and so offended
just at the sheer possibility of gun rights getting amended
Sandy hook made us look,
Even here in Great Mills we felt chills
They see the damage that guns do
but don't blame weapons, they blame pills
they blame the finger the one that fills
the space between the gun and the trigger
they blame a lone wolf, a lonely kid,
"he was always kinda weird, we're not surprised at what he did"
why'd he have an AK? the constitution says it's OK
why'd he an M16, we look above and below the facts but never in between
the loss of young life, we should never defend
we cannot control people, but we can control guns, we should never pretend
too much blood has spilled, too much innocence lost
we have to make sure it ends, we cant pocket the cost
We should have the right to protect who we love
but America has to choose what it loves
Traveler Jun 2018
I'm not
Burning bridges
Or trying
To ***** walls
I've no time
For grudges
Against people
For no cause

I won't be bought or sold
I've just one simple rule
Never feed a hungry bear
The next meal maybe you...
Traveler Tim
Kim Essary Apr 2018
What is wrong with this world we live in today?
Have we become so consumed with politics and fame. Have we forgotten the purpose our Constitution stands for? The law of this land the Lord says we must live by, is this still true when the law of the no longer lives by God's Law.  Removing Him and Prayer from our Schools, was what we as God's Children allowed them to do. This Nation went to battle against one another over electing our president to run this Country, How could we not fight this hard for the One in which we were founded. One Nation Under God , is written for us but His Commandments removed . What is wrong with this world we live in,. There is no hesitation when a dollar is involved, (shaking my head in shame) maybe we should take the time to see the words on that bill for stamped on back of each and every one reads "IN GOD WE TRUST" but wait a minute for those who don't believe , you reside in a country built on the words One Nation Under God, as you sit in the courts of oh glory land , you swear to tell the truth the whole truth so help you God as you raise your right hand, your wealth in currency you have no problem with as it stare back at you IN GOD WE TRUST". Its no surprise this world has gone to hell , what did we expect when we removed what pieces of heaven one time existed.
So sad when the Laws are set forth to obide but they are more evil than the devil himself. Free will freedom of choice. Which will it be
Mark Lecuona Oct 2017
I am a myth and a sinner
And I am dead
I wrote the words some preach
But I forgot to include everyone
You never met me and can only imagine
How is it that I was so wise and so cruel
It took two hundred years
And widows and slaves
And burning crosses
And bridge marches
Did it finally make shame my neighbor
And blood on a cross their only savior

I am a ghost and a prophet
And I am dead
I wrote the words some hate
But I did not mean it that way
I never met you and yet I guide you
To the place where a man lives in squalor
Is it his or another man's faults
Is his welfare your profit
Is his grieving your happiness
Is his sadness your blessing
Did it make indifference my neighbor
And an empty tomb their only savior
a citadel
has lever
and set
them free
from *******
but by
the fountain
that breed
the spirit
she hoist
her backpack
in ramparts
and later
he fore
that garrison
under siege
from tyranny
As "she" the  union of federation
'Imagine A Brave New World.
Where all tyranny rests
inside a crypt named "Constitution,"
and Communism becomes America's ideal.'

S ocially

Oh brave new world,
such a strange old place...
huckster's abound
for the sleeping *a
Brent Kincaid Aug 2017
Our way is the right way
Just like ****** has shown.
We will carry automatic weapons
And you must leave us alone.
Keep your liberal mouths shut
Give KKK politicians a pass.
If you don’t our President will
Okay thugs to kick your ***.

You had your own way too long
With jerks like that FDR guy was.
We have taken over everything now.
Haven’t you heard the buzz?
We don’t care about equal rights
And **** and blacks and Jews.
We have plenty of Republicans
And Fascists we can use.

We’re going to beat you up
We’re going to **** your kids
We’re going to blow you up
’Til you agree with what we said.
Our way is the right way
Yours is a piece of crap.
We will walk all over your rights
And give The Constitution a slap!

We can take those stupid laws down
That tell us to agree with you
Or hear you or behave ourselves.
Any time we don’t want to.
So quit all your sickening whining
About the things we have done
Like rioting against you wimps.
Your day is over, we have won.

We won because most of you
Like the Germans of the forties
Let spread our righteous hatred
In murderous, cleansing sorties.
So don’t look for magic tricks
Played by a powerful evil elf.
Everything that is happening now
You can only blame yourself.

We’re going to beat you up
We’re going to **** your kids
We’re going to blow you up
’Til you agree with what we said.
Our way is the right way
Yours is a piece of crap.
We will walk all over your rights
And give The Constitution a slap!
A capitalist will
weave English twill
though Shia blight;

fight in field wield might in fire
an ocean green in Ali
with foothills swath his yield where
love wins an incremental station of cause.

While his mind occupy law
a founding father intertwined
at a religious melting point heath abound.
Mark Lecuona Jul 2017
We The People
Sailed the same course
Some willingly
Some by force
Our Constitution
A document to inform
A more perfect Union
To weather any storm
No more kings
No more oppression
No taxation
Without representation
Checks and balances
And the rule of law
Mitigating injustices
Safe harbor for all
The secular trinty
President, Congress, Court
Power to be divided
Veto, fiat, tort
Our common interest
Of self defense
With liberty for all
And justice for any offense
Our common tranquility
And general welfare
A more perfect union
Our resources we share
American rights
And protection
From a despotic government
Or an insurrection
To worship my God
And you yours
Even to deny him
Our right secures
Open discourse
To speak out loud
We must be heard
Not follow the crowd
Collective grievances
Peaceably petitioned
We walk together
But never threatened
To bear arms
For our security
Never being forced
To quarter unwillfully
To remain secure
In our sanctuary
Unless presented
With writ of entry
Neither held
Absent habeas corpus
Or loss of property
Without payment to us
Never forced to testify
To contradict our denials
Or brought forward
In duplicitous trials
To face our accuser
In much haste
Represented by counsel
Our peers hands to be placed
Not just one but twelve
Examining the facts
Brought forward to be sworn
But only this court acts
Reasonable recompense
For fine or bail
Cruel or unusual retribution
Shall not avail
An enumeration
Provides illumination
But within the penumbra
Exists more freedom
From God or self-evident
There is no list or count
None to encumber
None to surmount
A union has formed
But sacred the individual
The tyranny of the majority
Is never permissible
A living breathing document?
Or static words unbending?
Even as we amend
Change never ending
Open to interpretation
If you see a right
Others may disagree
There may be a fight
The spirit of intent
Is there to see
Freedom to choose
Secured by liberty
We The People
A sacred quest
We The People
Freedom will never rest
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