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Genesis Hawley  Jun 2016
Genesis Hawley Jun 2016
What are we?
But the sum of our experiences?
We walk around
The chains on our shoulders
We all have chains
The chains are what’s left of those experiences
We feel our chains but
The chains of others are invisible to us
We forget
That others may have greater chains than ours
That they may suffer daily like us
So we walk
Letting our chains
Slap into others and give them more chains
Without a second thought
For how they might feel
For our only concern is for our chains
So we lash out
Nandini  Apr 2015
Nandini Apr 2015
She screamed
She thrashed
But those chains pulled her down
She fought
She struggled
But those chains didn't let her go
She tugged
Harder than ever
Wrists , red from struggle
But those chains caged her
She tried
One last time
Then gave up
Those chains had won her over
She sobbed
She wept
But those chains just laughed
Their deep , metallic , sad laughter
They said she brought those chains upon herself
They said she deserved those chains
But what was she guilty of ?
She had not asked for it
Yet that pain seeked her
She wanted free
But those chains held her
Tired , from the struggle
She gave up
She let those chains
Win over her !
Sara Buzz Mar 2019
Sinking down and now I'm gone,
I cannot seem to breathe,
I've lost it all,
my everything,
All these heartfelt promises and I couldn't keep one

As I stumble through the dark,
I somehow caught sight of your loving heart
You made me whole again,
holy again
do you have those memories too?

Breaking down this empty mess
I want you in my heart,
your unending love,
all I'm "supposed" to feel
make this heart beat like its brand new
please heal me.

I know for real this time
who I am, what I need to be
and I am not alone
because these chains were meant to break

And I will watch the water rise without fear
I know God will lift me high again,
I'm trying.

Through the suffering and the pain I will rise up once again,
as my soul says goodbye to sea floors below
with the glory placed upon your name
these Chains will always break

I wont be afraid to break,
if only it's in Your name
I wont fall,
I wont let You fade

I will learn to fight again, God
I know this isn't the end
even when I'm screaming that I'm alone
You still call me Your friend

your atmosphere calms and heals
you bring the sleeping souls back
you force our eyes awake

everything in your power you'll do to help those who live
those whose chains were meant to break

Rescue me and my heart will change,
I'll finally see light and be ok
you ripped me from this swirling head
when I couldn't seem to find my way

I cannot see these fading scars
except the days when you fade in my heart
the hurt I thought drove me this far
when ive forgotten
and I can't gather myself to pray.

Everything lost because I
can't see the way you gave me
dragging my unfilled soul through this empty place
but if I toughen up
if I decide to remember you
I know these chains will break

But you always seem to be right there
even when I forget my prayers
you've got me

with you I'll never fall too deep
my soul is caught in your embrace,
one day after death I'll get to see your face

fear escapes me,
your love it changes me
and inner demons stand no chance
when I'm seeing red
you start to put more holy words in my head
Ill wake up and walk away
from the ideas of old
without an enraged trance.

my thoughts go to you
all the choices here I can make
if only and ONLY if I live in your word
My dark chains will be forever off me
Finally, these chains may break

I came into this empty place
with my heart in hell
and my soul held in your gaze
Some way in my head I hear your voice
and now I have to make that choice
which path to follow
to smile or wallow
but I know these chains were meant to break

My heart cant see anymore of my pain
I no longer hide my faith
I no longer hide my face
throughout my lifetime I'm saved by your everloving grace
and no longer have to fear or feign
no longer lose hope or disdain
I knew with effort
i could break these chains

I walked through the darkness
I've got life back on track again
I ripped apart my old life like snake skin
and decided to write only for you,
though it took me many years to pick up from where I should have always been
but God has forgiven all my mistakes
And these chains were made to break.
Britni Ann Oct 2017
The darkness came over her at a very young age.
The age where a child should be happy… be free.
For she was no longer free, set in chains like a slave.
She told no one, how could she tell anyone?
Which became the chains of slavery  that little girl bore.
She longed, she dreamed to be free.
But held on knowing that it was the only thing keeping her alive.
But as months grew into years, as she became older,
the hope drained from her once green eyes.
There was no more hope.
She knew she wouldn't seem again, only in her haunted nightmares would she see his cold, lifeless body searching for someone to hold onto…
Something like her.
She cried.
She screamed.
Those chains kept her from innocence.
Those chains broke her, she couldn't be strong anymore.
Those chains kept her from love, kept her from trust.
She lay convinced that no one could help her, understand her, love her.
She couldn't see Me.
I understood what she was going through.
I loved her more than anyone ever could.
I tried to help but the grudge she had only kept Me away.
I knew she was angry with Me for taking her father away from what she thought was too soon…
She didn't know I took him up here.
With Me.
She only knew that I took him from her.
That's why she fought,
Why she hid.
She put on those chains hoping they would comfort her.
Too soon figure out that they made her feel worse.
Isolated. And alone.
She just didn't know that she would see him again very soon.
She didn't know those chains were drowning her in a life she didn't want.
I cried for her.
My beautiful child who just didn't yet understand.
She just didn't know how much she was loved.
Then finally she broke.
As I stood behind her ready to catch her broken soul,
I whispered into her ear, “I love you.”
Then out of the chains and into my arms she fell.
the first poem I ever wrote.
Nehad Zein  Apr 2016
Nehad Zein Apr 2016
Those dangling chains,
I wish for them.
Just like a baby wishes for his mother.
They, the chains,  jump around;
Just like wild and free kangaroos.
The holes so close,
Remind me of fishnets;
The livelihood of those at sea.
The hanging chains, like grapevines
Much like people, hanging onto hopes.
Dangling in the storm to save their life.
The chains still dangle,
Carefree, without concern;
Lost in their own world;
Like few people,
Those who stand out.
Those dangling chains;
So **** beautiful;
Just stare at them,
Like you stare at the stars,
On a moonlit night.
They keep dangling,
Undeterred by the world.
Chains are free,
Chains are dominant,
Much like the unfettered few.
Micaela Tennis Sep 2013
The sun beams across the horizon.
Today is a new day.
My feet hit the ground, awakening the enemy.
I feel a pull on my legs
I fall to the ground
Crushed under the foot of the enemy
Today is a new day

I pick myself up, brushing the settled dust from yesterday’s battle.
Each step is taken in agony.
He stalks  me wherever I go.

Every turn, every step you are there.
Breathing on my neck
I turn and run to my Lord.
The chains stop me and I fall.
Grabbing my hand, you spin me around.
Catching  me and lifting me.
We dance.
Left right, left right.
Heel, toe, heel toe,
Spin, spin, sway.
You pull me away.

The chains keep the beat.
For I am under his subjugation.
He pulls me back by the chains.
Straining my every move.
He is the puppeteer of my life, staggering every step.
My bones ache, my faith quakes.

Bruised, broken, weary and lost am I.
Being walked by chains.

Every turn, every step you are there.
Breathing on my neck
I turn and run to my Lord.
The chains stop me and I fall.
Grabbing my hand, you spin me around.
Catching  me and lifting me.
We dance.
Left right, left right.
Heel, toe, heel toe,
Spin, spin, sway.
You pull me away.

I stand in God’s house, defined by my religion.
“It’s all a show you see? You are my marionette.
Hypocracy lies in you, you’re a fraud in Christ’s name.”

Escape I try escape I will.
For my help comes from the Lord.
The enemy cringes at The Name.
The ground shakes, and the chains shake.
For there is power in the name of my Lord!

He stands before me.
Taking the chains in his posession.
He said it is done, take up your cross and follow me.

Jesus breaks the chains.
Jesus set me free!

No more addiction.
No more pain.
No more shame.
No more guilt.
No more sorrow.
For He holds your tomorrow.

You are not defined by the rules of religion.
For my spirit has

The motions bind you in chains.
For I have broken every chain.
You are free to dance in my name.
Never again will you waltz with Satan.

My child may I have this dance?
Dance with me wherever you go, and I will never leave you.

God takes me by the hand.
We dance.
I cling to his garment, never letting go.
Lifting me and catching me.
Left right, left right.
Heel, toe, heel toe,
Spin, spin, spin.
God your presence carries me away.
The moon called upon my madness anew,
I closed my eyes and fought against the chains
That kept me waiting, waiting here for you.

You gulped down my world without so much a chew,
Enveloped everything with your scent, became my raving bane.
The chains, the chains garlanded in lilac and rue,

Alone keep me from going moonlight-mad, so they do.
The gentle ice face of the mother moon keeps penetrating my brain.
That kept me waiting, waiting here for you.

This is the stage set for the heavenly wars Ares loves to brew,
The battle fought over our love so strong that left it slain.
The chains, the chains garlanded in lilac and rue,

The chains, the chains made of silver came askew,
Like your hands in mine and whatever feelings may still remain,
That kept me waiting, waiting here for you.

My madness has awoken the moon-bird blue,
Soon it will fly down and cut through the silvery veins.
The chains, the chains garlanded in lilac and rue,
That kept me waiting, waiting here for you.
This was written for a project in my English class. The assignment was to model a poem by your chosen poet. In my case, I chose Sylvia Plath's "Mad Girl's Love Song".
Carla  Jul 2018
The Chains
Carla Jul 2018
The metal hanging from my wrists,
And the steel clutching my ankles,
The chains weighing me down.

The chains not allowing me to move,
Or eat, or drink, or breathe,
The chains that stop me,
In my tracks,
Simply to listen,
To give in.

The chains of depression,
Dragging me into the depths,
The darkness that lays below,
These chains are the problem.

Will I ever escape them?
Will I ever find a way out?
Will I ever be free?
Was I ever free?
How am I supposed to know?

The chains that cling onto my limbs,
Are the chains we all dread,
We all despise,
We all don't want in our lives.

But hey, I was lucky enough to get them.
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Silver loops pieced together carefully link by link,
each link seeming stronger than the last.
Poison dripped steadily upon the weakest link,
and no one heard the final snap that tore it all anew.

Broken chains and silver blades,
done in such moments of hate.
Broken chains and silver blades,
used to destroy so simply.
Broken chains and silver blades,
to bleed the poison until you scream.

Silver blade honed so well its a warrior's blade,
keen edge so sharp it'd slice upon first simple touch.  
Dancing done so carefully that naked feet don't slip,
and no one heard the silent scream from a broken soul.

Broken chains and silver blades,
done in the name of *******.
Broken chains and silver blades,
broken so completely there no dust.
Broken chains and silver blades,
used for own personal gain to freely blame.

Broken things for a broken soul that no more,
everything done in the name of trying to help.
The lies,deception,and pain are all imagined.

After all when there power to walk away,
there should be blood upon the walls...
chantel belfon Jul 2010
invisible chains hold me captive
the chains of my world and peers
the chains i tied myself up with
the chains i can't seem to bear
emancipation is what i seek
it is what i desire
i know i have the key to be free
but yet i still aspire
let me be you vile mind
let me be
one day these chains will break away
i will no longer desire
for i will be as free as an eagle
free to be the true me
but till then i will continue to aspire
aspire to be free
aspire to be me
CoffeeInfused Mar 2015
Narcissus in chains
Head hung in shame
Where once was beauty
Now nothing remains
No other to blame
Self-bound and tamed
The pitiful, once proud
Narcissus in chains

A flower in bloom
Eventually wilts
Bright leaves growing dim
As essence is spilt
Lifeblood grows weak
Decrepit and stained
All pretty things fade
As the earth lays claim
Broken and twisted
Like narcissus in chains

Reflected in a pool
An image shows true
Until shattered and torn
By a rock falling through
Rippling, tattering
Illusion no more
Cracked and fragmented
As one's inner core
And what's left on shore
Now forever is changed
Who made you so
Oh, narcissus in chains

Time steals beauty
And flowers, they rot
Clear pools dry up
Their waters forgot
As things fall to change
One still remains:
The pitiful, once proud
Narcissus in chains
Nobody  Feb 2018
Nobody Feb 2018
They act like foolish mice lost in a maze,
with heart eyes, who only admire and send praise;
so blown away, and stuck in a dumb daze.
It’s amusing they excuse your wicked ways,
and you can gladly starve them all for days;
while smiling madly, not even fazed.
They’re dim and dull, you need entertained.
You can’t help it, you think, but don’t dare say,
to sustain your pointless little games;
that you can’t ever seem to abstain.
It’s the higher ground you need to gain.
So lure them in enduring your demented cage.
Provoke their wrath and force them to cave,
spread your foul poison to their every vein.
There’s no denying they’re enslaved,
locked tight in your chains.

— The End —