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Mary Frances Jun 2018
It's guilt. Maybe, it's pity.
It's a shame when you love someone like that.
Out of courtesy though out of line,
as you think you owed it to them at one time.

You can't say the words.
You can't even whisper some.
In fear you might hurt
he, whose heart is in line.
You ended up keeping it all.
Ignoring that you're already lost  the heart you own.

You think you're saving yourself but you're really not.
You know you're digging deep for yourself to rot.
Ellie Grace Jun 2018
Your words were meant to break me
taming me so that I was easier to swallow
chaining me to you
but I refused to become a slave
to yet another master
whose eyes greedily undressed women
and hands invaded lands they had no claim to

These limbs of mine
were not made to be shackled
M G Hsieh May 2018
For sport
And other fineries

Where 2 seas meet
Devoid of ourselves

We stray into
A collision --

I lie naked

Chained and dangled
This burden embraces you

Prepare burial
Spirits severed, set forth
Sarah Isma May 2018
This is the end of our childhood
and loss of innocence,
A kid grown but stuck young in the state of mind,
We are responsible yet reckless,
We are bright but almost always
never right,
We are so free yet chained to these
**** awful lies.
i'm still not over the capability of myself knowing that i- can't ever go back to when things were as they was. I have to move on, grow up and leave things behind. I can't be in my own paradise forever because... i just CANT
though I yam Caucasian,
   tis rightful to honor that most bitter
racist genocidal crime
   nonetheless ovation qua

   quintessential significant contribution
   vis a vis that doth litter
   many anonymous multitudinous peoples
   many unknown dark skinned souls

   bravely fought as non quitter
with melanin so **** sitter  
   this asthma feeble attempt
   made to mind of literate
   parent, guardian or sitter
adorn aye rhythmically twitter
   to **** Sapiens with Negroid color
   who, despite being human *******
   managed to adorn
   worthy contributions to society,

though an American (though not so proud)
   and civilization since time immemorial
   hence, I wanna pay poetic homage to persons born
akin to diversity exemplifying gamut

   analogous to Indian corn
   debased brutally and forlorn
   and raised in cornucopia horn
of plenty with rare serf tenderness

whipped by wicked task masters
   from the crack of morn,
   aye cannot fathom why
   a great proportion of humanity

must struggle on scraps of subsistence
viz with fifty plus shades of chocolate
   vile shamefully opprobrious sworn
   vengeance toward those

via heroic efforts escaped,
   manacled, tortured, et cetera history
   as slaves an existence
until...pacified family dislocated
   sans rent asunder, ripped and torn.

Once a proud family akin to Brady
bunch, now brutally, nasty
   and short lived poorly destitute
   (case in point) like Haiti -

once a nation extant with cultural finery
   insidiously ***** "Lady"
lacerated odiously robbing
   unique peoples as owners didst slay

   practically naked "Primates"
   encaged like wild animals in zoos
   culturally robbed while
   abhorrently marched in ones and twos

   shredded souls without shoes
   (analogous to persecuted Jews)
   of singular ambition to break shackles
   though tightly fused
to life as they chose.

this just one example of many peoples
   UNFAIRLY subjected
to subservience and exempt
   from enjoying the fruits of their labor.

January twelfth two thousand and ten
(original date this communique writ then
kept wedged where in no wise bore visual witness
   vis a vis near annihilation and destruction
   of African, Haitian, South American, et cetera nations
whereby countless/ nameless individuals

   e’en the strongest Herculean type men
   crushed by humungous slabs of
   building facades practically
   demolishing every creation

since this island settled, which
   indigenous tribes sought safety
   in any geologic den
   seeking solace and salvation

   from wrath of nature
   by paying obeisance via oblation
perhaps giving credence to clear water
   in tandem with rooster and hen

   that laid a golden egg, especially
   as encroaching savages affected violation
particularly when Europeans
   foisted forfeiture of land

   with primitive implement like pen
   no matter that travesty, trickery, mockery,
   et cetera wrought humiliation
pleading invaders to forsake

   such actions that rent asunder
   culture beseeched god when
   these brutish, nasty and (shortish) simians
   to cease desecration

yet the peoples of this dominion rose
   from the ashes like the phoenix like bird
   no mattered genetic pool underwent
   white washing from scouring influx

from western thumping proselytizers,
   which alien beliefs hard to swallow like curd
   basically bribery (with lustrous trinkets)
   ah those coveted legal tender

upon emancipation proclamation cessation
   to sell men, women and for x amount of bucks
akin to the soundcloud winged fowl clucks
foisted/ forced the unpleasant alternative

   (wanton slaughter) to be clearly heard
   yet within the very fiber of tropical
   man grove persons patiently
   lined up their ducks

and declared as one of the first
   african american peoples
   INDEPENDENCE to be the word
   whence adulation, elation, inspiration
echoing across ramshackle greensward.
Alien On Earth Nov 2017
honestly sometimes i get this weird feeling in my soul that lets me know I shouldn’t b on social networks…it is the weirdest feeling and i can’t even explain it… i mean i even get the same feeling when im looking thru my i don’t belong there. i think my soul is just trying to say. leave the technology alone…your soul doesn’t want that
3 years ago
Mister J Oct 2017
They cling to me
Those memories of smiles
Etched in my mind
Bringing nothing but sighs

Oh how my heart jumped
When you kissed me sweetly
How you brought me joy
Whenever despair plagues me

You were the love I wanted badly
All my life was yours to keep
You were the beat of my heart
The one that deprived me of sleep

Now only your memories remain
Even your silhouette left no trace
It pains me to miss you this much
Knowing that now you lie in another's embrace

I am chained to your haunting memories
Chained to the hurt that you've caused
Chained to the guilt I shouldered to endure
Chained to you still, can't get over your loss

I am chained to your lingering ghost
Chained to the prison of your past
Free me please from this shattered romance
Free me from the pain, Let me go at last

As long as I remained in your chains
And I carry these feelings that will go to waste
I won't get over our whirlwind affair
I'll feel the pain all over again as I yearn for your taste

Let me go, please hear my plea
Don't chain me to your toxic memories.
Abhi Sep 2017
You and I have fantasised
About too many golden sunrises
And yet we always sleep through dawn
Always wake up seconds too late
When grandeur has faded into familiarity

Our bodies are bruised
From all the invisible rocks we have hurled at each other
Our lungs tired from breathing toxic air
Our ankles sore from dragging chains
My fingers are covered in papercuts
From the edge in your voice

We have handcuffed each other
And put leashes around our necks
Confining each other to this birdcage house
Afraid to be the one that has to watch
The other fly free

Yesterday I tried to find the movie stub
From our first date
And instead found my pockets
Stuffed with fist-fulls of receipts
For things neither of us bought

Like the black hole in our bed
That occupies centre stage in our polka dot bedsheets
It swallows the words we speak
And refuses to let them echo
How many conversations have we drowned
With alcohol and tears
How many keys have we thrown away
To lie in a mound ten feet tall
Keys that could have opened the doors
To our secret stash of confessions and apologies
That could have saved us
On the nights that you wrap your arms around me
I can feel your body curving along the edge of the hole
Trying not to fall through
Determined to maintain miles between us
Even though I can feel your breath on my neck

Our living room is covered with pictures of strangers
Because we are afraid of stapling our own faces to the walls
Afraid of calling this prison a home
Afraid of making what had started out as temporary
A permanent affair
So instead we crawl from day to day
Skipping each sunrise as it comes
Sandoval Sep 2017
I live inside the

for she is chained
to this earth.

And I am chained
to you.

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