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John Shahul Oct 2018
Whenever  I am not seeing you
Lethal void is my heart
Like the monolithic art
Of a sculptor;
Like the figures of Mona Lisa,
I tried to engrave you
Again and again in my heart
And rehearsed you many times
In my memories.

To reconstitute
Your beautiful image
Inside of my mind
I behold you thousand times,
Yet all loving and languishing
Nothing could be captured
To match your perfection
As you were seen in person
Nor could be remembered
To your many dimensional figure
Of youth unclaimed.

You are just beautiful but demure,
Seductive but unrevealing
A love that slips down
Near your lips were forbidden?
And be never told?

Like two balsam flowers unfold
Opening from their buds,
Your eyelids are open wide.
Like two bees ******* honey
My eyes were seeking yours
To ferret out the secret
Of your true love and desires;
Neither did they come out
Nor did they flutter
And never reached out
My beehive safely.

Seeking out for your true love
In your eyes, in your lips,
Cheeks and chin far and near,
Everywhere  all over you,
Looking at you all the time.
You are open to interpretation
Of your true intention
Of your love and desires
Like the secret smiles
Of Mona Lisa.

Until you make confession
Of your true love,
I will behold you thousand times,
You are just beautiful but demure
Looking for you all the time.
You make me dream about you
While in my sleep or I am awake.

My discrete memories
Are overshadowed by time,
I cannot fight with my feelings
Whenever  I am not seeing you,
Lethal void is my heart,
Come and meet me in person!
Pyrrha Aug 2018
My heart yearns for a thousand butterflies to be released from this cage that was meant for
A single demure bird

It's chained to the bottom of a twisted, lonely, teneberous abyss
As it is trapped inside
A single crooked verse

When it should be soaring high above singing songs of a thousand lovers love, instead here it sits
A single broken part
Ryder Rose Apr 2014
every    boundary
I have ever drawn. I *am
S h a t t e r i n g* every  lasting  
doubt left on the tip of my tongue.  
I   am  S l i d i  n g  down  a  pile  of  the
last    of    my   demure.   I   am   S h e d d i n g
each    and    every   layer   guarding    my    soul.
I   am  S h a k i n g  afraid  to  let  go  of  my  safe  wall.
I am T u m b l i n g  past everything I have always clung too. I am
Letting go until all that’s left is my fears broken at the bottom of the ledge.

H e a r t b r e a k

F a i l u r e

            R e j e c t i o n

                                    L o s s


— The End —