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Madison Jul 16
My family
The reason I stopped singing
My family
The reason I no longer get exited when the sky is pretty colours.
My family
The reason I bottle my anger
My family
The reason I stopped talking unless spoken to
My family
The reason I am graduating and moving as far away as I can.
Madison Jul 7
Show me you scars.
Show me you bruises.
I need to see all the times that I failed to be there for you.
Madison Jul 7
Imagine someone deleting a long text detailing how much someone matters to them, how they love the sound of their voice and how they want to be with them.
Now imagine it was going to be sent to you, other people might hide their feelings just like you do.
Madison Jul 7
What if someone has internet stalked all your profiles and decided you weren't interesting enough to ******/kidnap?
Madison Jul 7
Chances are that at some point
in your life you have smiled
or brushed shoulders with a stranger...
A stranger who happened to be a ******, kidnapper, or *******.
This is why I'm antisocial.
Stranger danger
Madison Jul 7
Last times hurt because we never see them coming.
The very last time that you do something or see someone,
You lose a piece of your soul.
It's like breaking the **** of a door after it's been locked,
You don't get it back.
The only choice is to move on,
Or "chase the dragon", to no avail.
You can't return to the last time.
Madison Jun 24
Don't love me if you don't
expect to be let down and for
the love of god, don't trust
me with your heart.
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