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Madison 1d
Every one has barbed wire.
It pulls away but you only grip it tighter.
It cuts into your hands.
But you refuse to let it go.
No matter the pain.
No matter the cost.
Comment your barbed wire. Mine is not being alone
Madison 1d
What are you so afraid of?
That you'll leave me like the last person who said that...
Madison 5d
I'm here.
I'm visible.
But I am disconnected.
I'm too afraid to shatter the walls.
As long as I stay in here no one
can hurt me.
I'm not quite happy,
I'm not quite sad.
But I am safe
Madison 7d
When you torment me, I'll leave you.
When you try to bend me, I'll be unyeilding.
When you give me a lifetime of regret, I'll be the bigger person and forget.
Madison 7d
Give what you owe and take what you deserve.
No more no less.
Madison Feb 8
If you don't take the mask off every once in a while, you'll suffocate.
Madison Feb 8
Sometimes all you can do is wait.
Wait for the tears,
Wait for the relief.
But sometimes they don't come.
You lay down,
You state at the roof,
You shake with sadness.
The tears don't come
And the relief doesn't come.
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