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Madison Jul 2018
You can't see me,
You can't hear me,
It's a shell of a happier person I used to be.

I am trapped in my own mind,
The walls are crumbling,
But I'm still chained,
The chains are weak,
But I'm still stuck,
because I am afraid.

The walls are collapsing,
The roof is caving in,
Under the crushing weight of anxiety and depression.
I am afraid I am going to be crushed,
But I won't leave,
I am even more afraid of the outside

I don't want to be seen or heard.
I don't want to trap you with me.
I am dying,
You don't know,
I am dying.
But you are happy.

So I can be
If you relate please contact me, I want to help you.

— The End —