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You left a void,
            an emptiness
                     I did not know how to fill
Freedom isn't supposed to taste this bitter
A black cloud hangs over my head
Spanning an entire continent

My suffering was too much for them…
And it’s too much for me
It grew hard to tell
what was a skeleton to be buried
and a treasure to be revealed
digging through my past
Ellie Grace Mar 21
The hopelessness
                 the sadness
is a weight that became to heavy for me to carry

So I was forced to shed
                           my own substance
                                        to make room
Ellie Grace Mar 18
How could you commit ******,
but it be called two different things?

There was no difference in our actions,
only the side of the battlefield we were standing on.

I knew the truth though, I always have.
I was just like them, a cold-blooded killer.

The only difference was the uniform I wore and the man I pledged allegiance to.
Inspired by a book I read
Ellie Grace Mar 16
I lost my life a long time ago
because lord knows this isn’t living

I gave it away to the hole in my brain
to the other me
the one who is controlled by irrational thoughts and behaviours

And in all honesty I can’t say I miss it
I have grown so used to it
this state of emptiness
of nothingness

So much so that I cannot tell if I crave more
Ellie Grace Mar 13
The blame always did fall on my shoulders no matter the crime.
It wasn’t fair but it was my reality,
even in this place I was supposed to call home.
Just because you couldn’t see the scars doesn’t mean they weren’t there
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