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My house    i just want to use men for fun and exciting sex sessions.
Chained soul
27/M    Wandering mind


Jude kyrie Aug 2015
all Chained up in Blue

I remember when we met
It was a bitter pill to chew
She told me her sad story
All chained up in blue

I had a room you shared my bed
You shared my smoking too
We kissed and fought till all was said
All chained up in blue

My friends all said
hard as nails she’ll make a mess of you
But I was in a foot too deep
All chained up in blue

Woke up in a drunken haze
She left me with just a hole in my shoe
I did not cry because I’ll get by
All chained up in blue

For years I looked and tried to find
Lots of women passed on through
But you would sit inside my head
All chained up in blue

On bourbon street in a ******* bar
I looked up and it was you
You asked me if we had met before
All chained up in blue

She took me to her ***** room
Read poetry and fed me a brew
The words brought sorrow to my eyes
All chained up in blue

I ran in the morning like a frightened dog
Running is all I ever do
As I hitched a ride west with a pain in chest
All chained up in blue

Time swims by I still don’t cry
But I always think of you
Drop a nickel in a phone
but don’t call home
All chained up in blue
Why do we treat each other this way?
Feels like our words are only a chain . . .

            why do you
treat me this way?

            How do I
get you to change?

            why oh why?
Oh why, even today,
            I'm sister-chained?

Noth-ing but pain,
Born to be sisters except for this pain,
That pain, the words, pain it remains. . .

conflict between us al-ways remains,
conflict between us remains.

            unchain your hearts for love.
Oh woe,

            How do I
get you to change?            
unchain your hearts for love.
Oh woe,

Oh woe. . .
Ever notice how critical and abusive women are towards each other?
Mister J  Oct 2017
Mister J Oct 2017
They cling to me
Those memories of smiles
Etched in my mind
Bringing nothing but sighs

Oh how my heart jumped
When you kissed me sweetly
How you brought me joy
Whenever despair plagues me

You were the love I wanted badly
All my life was yours to keep
You were the beat of my heart
The one that deprived me of sleep

Now only your memories remain
Even your silhouette left no trace
It pains me to miss you this much
Knowing that now you lie in another's embrace

I am chained to your haunting memories
Chained to the hurt that you've caused
Chained to the guilt I shouldered to endure
Chained to you still, can't get over your loss

I am chained to your lingering ghost
Chained to the prison of your past
Free me please from this shattered romance
Free me from the pain, Let me go at last

As long as I remained in your chains
And I carry these feelings that will go to waste
I won't get over our whirlwind affair
I'll feel the pain all over again as I yearn for your taste

Let me go, please hear my plea
Don't chain me to your toxic memories.