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Lizzie Sep 30
There stood a tree, stiff and brown.
Its leaves were gone, its branches down,
And where the top of it did bend,
There sat a mossy, knobby end.

And yet, for what the tree had not,
"A handsome one," is what I thought.
Although I couldn't reason why,
"A handsome tree," is what thought I.

But then to much surprise it seemed
That against the wind it leaned,
And when the wind ceased to blow,
The tree went moving on like so:

Not waving, nor falling, nor staying put,
Uprooting and planting its own foot!
But glasses quickly showed to me,
A man where there'd been a tree.
Lizzie Sep 14
In peaceful stillness, here I lie
And gaze upon the starlit sky.
But pretty views are hard to carry
When man enjoys them solitiary.
Lizzie Sep 11
Death has driven us far apart,
Music brings us back together.
I'll always love you in my heart
And sing our song forever.

Memory is both a pain and balm.
It drowns me in a sea of grief.
Then I find amidst the calm,
Music brings tears of relief.
I miss you, Dad
Lizzie Aug 12
I sat by a road one day.
The traffic came and went.
And noise, noise was all I heard.
But then for a moment,
I was all alone.
And briefly there was music.
Lizzie Aug 12
If only the world would pause for a moment--
Then how quiet it would be!
Only the birds and the wind and the sky,
And also there'd be you and I.
Once the world moved slowly,
But now were going faster than even the wind can fly.
Lizzie Aug 12
If I just drive far enough,
I'll leave my worries far away.
If I just drive fast enough,
They'll eat the dust of yesterday.

But there's only one world to go around,
Only so far before you're found.
And once you've hit the end of the road,
Suddenly there's no other way to go
But back.
  Aug 4 Lizzie
Keith Wilson
If everything is going well
then something must be wrong
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