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GQ James Dec 2020
Lemme please you,
I wanna cater to you,
I'll never tease you,
What you deserve is to feel good,
I wanna please your body,
I wanna stimulate your mind,
I wanna keep your spirits up,
I wanna be in your heart.

The ones who hurt didn't see your worth,
I see your worth and I see you,
It takes a man to see you,
A boy can't understand or see you,
The things you been thru he wouldn't understand,
I don't know you yet,
But wanna learn everything about you,
I wanna know everything about you,
You deserve something good,
I can be HIM.
Marlon Nov 2020
The beaming headlights
from my fleshless thoughts
are artificial stars
that enchants me
towards the things that kills
and gives pleasure
all at once

I hear horns echo
during eerie nights
that never seem to stop,
a stench
reeks in my memory
while a cold breeze
invades my system

though it is quiet here
and quite comforting
the edge of a knife
teases me
to cut myself,
just to feel the rush of blood
from my stagnant soul.
Lizzie Aug 2020
If only the world would pause for a moment--
Then how quiet it would be!
Only the birds and the wind and the sky,
And also there'd be you and I.
Once the world moved slowly,
But now were going faster than even the wind can fly.
Harley Hucof Apr 2020
We were dropped into this world, created , unborned.
Me and a Girl woke up in this life , curious, alone.

We loved in the begining
Then our dreams started manifesting sins
And we discoverd we could hurt each other
We wanted to be rich.

We wanted to have power
We wated to deviate and become free from one another.

So i learned the economical structure of human nature.
I manipulated my thoughts
Stimulated my behaviour.

Left the enemy confused , poor and in danger
I won the first battle
And that's how the war began

I used
A hidden system that doesn't easily reveal itself

A system that uses Feelings as its currency
A knwoledge of energy, and ability
To make the other
Feel infinitely what the mind's will command

It could give great power or make the other weak instead.

If you know what i am saying you're from my breed
And if you still use banking , you'll follow my girl's destiny.

Words Of Harfouchism
Adam & Eve 2.0

Thinking much?
Empire Mar 2019
Every sound
Is nails on a chalkboard
The crunch of chips
The droning of the TV
Barking dogs
Makes all my muscles tense
So tight
And fills me with anger
At everything
Making me want to scream
At the top of my lungs
Just to get some
Peace and quiet
Wellspring Oct 2018
The feeling of relief when the pain finally ends.
The sounds of rain pattering on the metal roof.
The smell of dry earth mixing and mingling with the water.
The soft touch of petals against your fingers.
The taste of warm chocolate cake the melts on your salivating tongue.

Stimulation from other people.

These are the things that live thrives on.
eh. I'm in a mood.
Maria Etre Jun 2018
Go ahead
undress your mind
my eyes
can't wait
to see ...
my skin
can't wait
to feel
and my
mind can't
wait to
William A Poppen Dec 2017
Like a newborn
I am stimulated
By whatever is near

Things become unfathomable
I’m unable to grasp
My surroundings

What is near and
What is far?

Distractions flow
Like tattered streamers
Waving from a
Parade float heading
To the junkyard

With blurs all around
Life becomes like
Circular bands of light
Emanating from streetlights
Along a foggy riverside highway

Whenever lucidness invades
Life seems simple,
And I realize
it is simple

All that is required
Is to traverse
Layer upon layer
Of  events and missions
Difficult to accomplish
Is life complicated or simple or a combination of the two?
requiEM Jan 2017
Menthol Madness creeps into my head.  
Tattooed Touch fills my mind.

I am not ready for this day to end. I never am - a lover of the night, I blur the lines between sunrise and sunset frequently. I lie on my back and think of skin, smoke, sense. My senses feel deprived. I need stimulation, stimulants....something. No one is awake. I am restless, unable to sleep.

What keeps me awake all of these nights? What occupies my mind during these hours? What keeps me up at night?
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