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The time is now
If I know how
To leap with all my might

Openly trust
Myself I must
Life's acolyte

Standing Steady
At the ready
To let go of this ground

Leaning in
Trust the wind
Absence of all sound

Eyes close tight
Fear I might
Plummet to my demise

Hold my breath
Brace for death
The Illusion does belie

Backward Rules
Make us fools
The answer's in the trick

Decend to rise
A new bailiwick
Jennifer Weiss Jun 2015
I love not knowing what will happen.
Because it gives me divine mystery.
It allows me to hope & dream,
and to have my expectations
And I learn that as I swim away
from the shore,
I can always rest on my back.
Safely floating.
And the waves will carry me,
because as beautiful as
the unknown is,
one thing is certain...
**the waves will come.
God's plan is always better.
Q Nov 2014
Dive in dear, head on
There's no room to be afraid
Indeed, life awaits


— The End —