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tate Mar 2018
the silence you gave is noxious
it's been a year of cautious
now and then i try to find
the fault in my mind

i might know the anger and sadness
and wish to go back to better times
that stems away from the awkwardness
and the action of my crime
- my worst fault is my impatience. being said we have to live on for those we love, regardless of the bad thing happens
Mary-Eliz Mar 2018
moonshine, puzzles, kryptonite
they will surely take me down
they'll push me left, they'll push me right
shoving me round and round

they'll fill my head like a willing cup
confusing me till I don't know
which end is down, which end is up
as I'm stumbling to and fro

can you blame me for being cautious
can you see it's not just a dream
they'll cause me to be very nauseous
polluting my very bloodstream
since two out of three are rarely found
the other you need not be around
I guess you're safe for now
but to keep you from having a cow
I'll help keep a watch for them, anyhow
So what's with the * * for italics? Anybody figured it out?
mikumiku Mar 2018
She’s a fatgirl and she’s sad
‘Cause she knows she’s doing bad
Eating chocolate makes her nauseous
Ain’t no time for being cautious
She don’t give a ‘bout her body
She could eat up anybody
She’s a daughter of her dad
Dad who’s born in Trinidad
They hit KFCs with cash
Empty buckets ‘till they crash
Then she wakes up from this frenzy
Spinnin’ round in burger Benzie
Now she’s puking diamond tears
Meaning that she really cares
She is done with being sad
“I’m a woman here, my dad!”
Jennifer DeLong Jan 2018
Where does time go
Do you ever wish
You could go back
and redo

Now that you know
how it turned out

It's the way it is
So when your frustrated
Having a bad day

Be careful what you say
There is no do over

It's in that moment
Your life could change

Listen to yourself
think about it

Without meaning to
It is exactly what happens
in that moment

Regret lasts
you can't take it back
No redo remember
that ...
© Jennifer L DeLong 1/22/2018
In a moment it all can change
With every road
There often leaves a trail
Some are led to darkness
Whereas, others prevail
We as people, must put ourselves
In the right frame of mind
If we are not cautious
We may be left in a bind
Dead Account May 2017
They say that when you grow up,
The world will be in your hands.
Yet, small phalanges cannot affect such diversity,

The thought is comforting,
However, disagreement tugs me.
This simple body part
Functions in ways that could
Destroy or ****.

Fingers dance upon
Passionate melodies
Or provide
Soothing caresses
Assuring you that you are in peace.

But some are stained crimson
With marks of sin.

Callused, rough, and
Ignorant about a
Tender touch.

Nimble and agile, they create
Illusions the human eye
Cannot follow,
Letting them have freedom to
Manipulate and control
Weak minds.

Yet they also spring delight in
Children's eyes.
Their imagination beholds
Tales of magic and fairytales with each
Flick of the wrist.

When you're in a void,
Consumed by your thoughts, just
Doesn't a spark light a
Fire of desperate hope
For a savior to pull you out?

Unpredictable movements of doing the
Wrong things for the right reasons,
Or vice-versa,
Who can you really trust?

Unpredictable movements of doing the
Wrong things for the right reasons,
Or vice-versa,
Who can you really trust?

Human hands hold frail things with
Care or recklessness.

Human hands  share
Fear or love.

Human hands display
Favor or hatred.

Take my two cents and tread carefully.
The globe is but fragile glass

*Entrusted in your hands.
Jessie Taylor H May 2017
Falling for you is like stepping off a cliff with my eyes closed.
I can't see the drop,
But deep down I know it's there.
If only I'd open my eyes,
To see if you're down there waiting for me,
But the fear of rejection keeps me cautious.
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