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There’s a thick cloud of smoke inside my head
I’m trying to escape but I can’t find an exit
I cover my mouth but it finds a way in
The noxious fumes are all too familiar

They drift and they shift like a menacing shadow
They hang and weigh heavy like a man in the gallows
And the more I try to search from within
The more I begin to helplessly sink

A lost puppy
looking for a master
But I was my master
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
tate Mar 2018
the silence you gave is noxious
it's been a year of cautious
now and then i try to find
the fault in my mind

i might know the anger and sadness
and wish to go back to better times
that stems away from the awkwardness
and the action of my crime
- my worst fault is my impatience. being said we have to live on for those we love, regardless of the bad thing happens
McDonald tsiie Oct 2016
Blood is thicker than water, but often it is a noxious substance and ones origin can be a pit of vipers
wraiths Jul 2015
where you caress my skin,
stardust shoots up my veins
you're like ****** laced with honey:
noxious but oh-so-sweet

if only you could love me as easily
as i can inject you into my bloodstream
Alin Feb 2015
She knows it is something to eat
Smells like what she’d fancy
as yummy … but not quite
so She smoothly zigzags along
Forbidden Chords
Smells - Tosses - Hops - delicately Licks
and Jumps at once
back to Shadows wherein she always hides
paints Numerous Cooler Tones with her Yawns
Lest her Glittery Eyes
a Pair that never shuts
despite Days Seasons Nights
I approach silently
beside her
Not to bother
As if Wiser
because I look taller
-I guess-
Stupid! Stupid!
I just realize now...
An elegance of furry highness lying aside
For her ‘of me’ means
Playmateness just
none about silly bossiness among us
With me
She does her pats Gingerly
Not to hurt
As if
as if I could not handle some
Innocuous Spice
But I mind not
if she finds this way alright
because I trust her nature
with all of my broken Hearts
And let go
the all of me
to the fury of the Furry
come on babe Hit me
Come! Come Now!
Bites She!
swiftly and tenderly brushes afterwards
happens this
All the -outta my sight- Time
but she also
Lets me win sometimes
win ...I guess. ?. Purposefully
Anyway Yeah
Maybe it’s Love
dunno why or how
I wonder and smile then Cry
until a PATZ Paw
shoots my Pathos
outta Sight
Come on Babe
Hit me!
Come now! Come!
Bites She!
inspired by a band cat
spoken version at soundcloud - dnalumuland

— The End —