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  Jun 2019 melanie
its 5 am and I'm staring out the window into the never ending dark.
the sun begins to rise above the horizon,
broken by trees that glow from the dusty colours behind them.
melanie Jun 2019
on that late night
i saw the train
with all its lights
as it began to rain

i seemed alone
but i saw you

so i wrapped my head
in caution tape
with a feeling of dread
and using my heart as a drape

i picked up a rose
and pricked my finger
as i stood and froze
and you started to linger

i couldn't escape
the sudden stares,
the sudden glares
i was left to hesitate

while paranoia did the same
- thanks for reading, i'm sorry for the lazy work
melanie Jun 2019
the knives in her back
felt like nothing at all to her
she's felt it all before,
and to understand anyone
seemed so hard,
as she didn't even
understand herself

she felt like feeling something
and i grew tired of seeing her
sit and wait,

while the others stare,
i'm sorry this is my first one and it's really not good, but thank you for reading it.

— The End —