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ZR Simon Jun 11
As I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to take
Ease my pain, for I am broken
Make still my thoughts
Toss out my dreams like the ash
Of a fire that died ages ago.

My will is gone
My strength is waning
I pray for sleep
But never waking.
ZR Simon May 15
Middle of the night
Alone with my thoughts
treading water in a sea of darkness
All around me is silence
But inside, I can't make it stop.
ZR Simon Sep 2021
There's a light on in my mind
If you look closely you'll find
The light's merely a glimmer--
A fragment lost in time.
It flickers in and out--
a futile manifestation of doubt,
my mind, the bygone and broken--
A vessel left unmoored,
endlessly wandering through memories
obliterated by time.
The lighthouse of my mind
Darkened now--no ships to find
just lost souls and memories--
fractured pieces left behind,
eternally echoing in the night.

There is no light.
ZR Simon Oct 2014
It is the process by which we live
one that takes many names:
the daily grind
the paper chase;
but what is it all for?
The endless cycle of waking up
only to be letdown
by obligations tied to quantity
not quality.
Temporary sacrifices
become permanent compromises
until one day
we wake up
and ask ourselves
"What the hell am I doing with my life?"
ZR Simon Jul 2013
I awake in a cold sweat
The graceful visage of my muse
Slowly fading from my conscience
Like a fond memory
Nestled within the sands of time.
My pulse quickens
Heart beating in my chest
Pounding away like a ferocious thunderclap.
Fear overtakes me
But my muse has not left my side
And I wonder with glee
if "life is but a dream?"
ZR Simon Feb 2013
Last night I went for a drive
Under the watchful eye of a glowing moon
I knew not where I was going
Only where I hoped I'd end up

There was a silent calm as I drove,
Myself and life's displaced passengers
As we all sought what we were looking for

Without notice
I became the last passenger
And for no fault but my own
I'm still driving
ZR Simon Jan 2013
There's a deep-seated pain that wont go away
Desire is the bookend that keeps it at bay
But in this hour I'm losing this fight
All of the longing keeps me up through the night
Longing for solace, longing for passion
Longing for a muse to give me direction
Just a lonely soul, starved for human connection
Each day creeps along as I search for a reason
To go on
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