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Tom Fawley Jan 2016
Born and bred Northern boy
No gimmicks,
West Yorkshire til the day I die
I’ll represent that West York’s sign
Faithful to my Northern life
My Northern rhyme
Brought up well with Northern vibes
Through hard times, Miners Strike
From a time when Maggie Thatcher tried
To stir up **** with lies designed
Got  miners and police to fight
Brutal battles between both sides
So don’t believe the Southern hype
Those times defined future lines of Northern kind
Gave us Northern humour, Northern style
Cause people love our Northern minds
Tourists come from far and wide
To find out what the North is like
Expecting lack of cultured life
But left in awe by countryside
So come up North
See the great outdoors
Rolling hills
Scenes leaving you wanting more
Never mind the weather
Whether its rain or shine
Grab a pint and sit down
Enjoy our way of life.
Where I'm from
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