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Leone Lamp Jul 2022
The best laid plans,
like grains of sand
are swiftly streaming
through my hands

Don't get excited
don't celebrate yet
every time I do
I lose the bet

These vapid clich├ęs
Shuttered plays
Days and days
Waste away
Into the endless
tangled fray
Don't it always seem to go?

Leone Lamp Dec 2021
Isbin has been in the old barn
Shalby shall be, after spinning yarn
Isbin and Shalby aren't often far apart
Isbin's been wastin'
And Shalby's been stocked
Isbin's been askin'
And Shalby shall talk
Isbin's been barkin'
and Shalby shall squawk
Bark and squawk
Peck and talk
and by and by
the barn's been bought
been bought and sold
to who knows who
and Isbin and Shalby
Don't know what to do
Leone Lamp Aug 2021
Last call, last shout
Last drop till the last drought
We had our chance
And we're all still blowing it
Here's the line
Who will start towing it?
Sink or swim
It's time to start rowing it

We're all standing on
Broad shoulders of greed
We all grew up dependent
on disposable sneeds
Woven from the tufts
of the Redwood trees

But it's not our fault,
It wasn't you and me
It was some old grandstander
That we'll never see

Well... Yes and no
And it only goes to show
That this house built of windows
Can't stand one more stones throw
So do we quit our jobs and stop driving?
****, I don't know...

We're past the point of blame
It's not all just a game
The more years you've got
The more hot you'll trot
Believe it or not...

So here's to the treaties!
Lower emissions and make it speedy!
**** all the billionaires,
Let's take care of the needy!

Too much to ask?

They never said it'd be easy.
Leone Lamp Aug 2021
The crunchy time wheel runs fast and runs slow
The crunchy time wheel knows what it knows
Sometimes it's draggin' and ya feel the laggin'
Sometimes it's spinnin' and ya feel like yer winnin'
Where does the time go?
Does it sink or does it swim?
Is it flyin' or runnin' thin?
Is it hangin' after a Saturday night?
Or the heaviest heavy weight?
Ready for the fight?
Oh crunchy time wheel
Wheelin' along...
Oh crunchy time wheel
Keep truckin' on.
Leone Lamp Aug 2021
Hairy Jerry played his songs
Through the years
And trips so long

Hairy Jerry grinned and bared
Loved and laughed
and sang and shared

The heads looked up
They felt he cared
They loved their Hairy Jerry Bear

Now all the lot kids,
******* in bulbs
All agree that Hairy Jerry
Was the best bulb *****-er of all.
How many dead heads does it take to ***** in a light bulb?
Eleven. One to ***** in the bulb and ten to tell him Jerry could have done it better.

How many dead heads does it take to change a light bulb?
None. They just let it burn out and then fallow it around the country for fifty hears.

How many lot kids does it take to change a light bulb?
You know light bulb?!

Why is it so hot at dead shows?
Because none of the fans work.

...Happy birthday Jerry...

Leone Lamp Jul 2021
I keep listening to time
Beating hearts and endless rhymes
And it all sounds so sublime
Much more real than the last wind
And my records just keep spinning
With the earth and every new thing
Now we're back to where we started
But it's different, clouds have parted
It made so much sense before
But every day it just makes more
Now I start to understand
As the sand falls through my hands
Making gestures small and grand
As we all keep getting older
Through the chaos and disorder
No sense pining in the oak groves
For the flowers that we once knew
At the bottom of our dark brews
Bitters floating on the surface
As I drink another purchase
And reflect upon the purpose
Of each sip as it slides down
Always forwards, never backwards
Only rising never pouring,
Twirling, twirling, twirling, soaring!
Doesn't matter if you're gripping
If you're sweaty, if you're slipping
If you're wide eyed, always tripping
We all keep trucking on
And I always feel so strong
Like I understand the song
Finally, but not for long
"Taking away, the moments that make up the dull days."
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