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Ramsha May 2017
Follow your
But take
Your brain
With you.
ktarrpropaganda Dec 2016
Me sitting in a chair with my usual poor posture
-we'll call this rest.

Behind me, a beautiful white ****** canvas
-we'll call this potential.

A shotgun loaded with paintbrushes
-we'll call this the medium.

Barrel in my mouth, the trigger clicks, then
-we'll call this expression.

Look past my limp soulless body to the now finished canvas. What do you think?
-we'll call this interpretation.

The reds are deep and the blues are true; little chunks of grey matter
-we'll call this promise.

However, it all dries black in the end    
-we'll call this accurate.  

Me still alive in my chair staring at the wall. Pen in my mouth. Ink in my teeth
-we'll call this gnashing insignificance.
I want to die often but tend to end up living instead.
Francie Lynch Jun 2016
Great people die,
Just like you and I.
We all came the same,
Naked, with a brain;
Walked, then talked,
We're all the same,
But great ones do it
With their brain.
Size doesn't matter.
You can be a pea brain,
Or a nit wit:
Why, if someone says,
You've half a brain;
That shouldn't be
Cause for shame.
You never know
Who's got half a brain:
It's been proven,
Sometimes half
Is greater than the whole.
Use what you got,
Live your fullest.
Cody Haag Mar 2016
Broken humanity will often falter,
As it ponders which mold to fill in,
Ponders what it must alter,
Which path it must begin.

It is a trembling, cowering bird that hides
Within each of our hearts,
Somewhere in a dark corner it abides,
Made up of many broken parts.

We have the role of nursing the bird,
Bringing it back to its purest condition,
There is a fire that must be stirred,
A stunning, unbridled and pure rendition.
Pauline Morris Feb 2016
The cast iron skillet of love
Fell on me from up above
No time for a warning to be said
It landed squarely on my head

Pain far from dull
It caved in my skull
Scrambled my brains
Let them all drain
Gray matter splatered
Nothing else mattered

An unstoppable event
It quickly came and went
It left my heart sore
My brains on the floor
Joyce Feb 2016
We collide in this
world we're living.
Time stops as we see each other.
Everything moves in slow motion.
Your eyes hide an emotion.
My heart overflows.
My brains lose all signals.
My hands are trembling.
My heartbeat is racing.
My voice is shaky.
Knees are feeling weak.
I can bearly speak.
This is what you
do to me.
It should be illegal.
How you take control
over all my senses.
The passion I feel within.
Your are my majestic wings.
I will never forget.
My beautiful sin.
You tell me you wanna **** my brains out,
And I think you already have.
Because if I was smart enough,
I would've left you already.
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