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Scoot May 13
As I'm getting older
Perhaps more wise
I’m beginning to see the world
Through a different set of eyes

Possibly wisdom— maybe grace
A forgiving heart
When looking upon another’s face
Every person plays their part

Life is but a speck in time
A large sea that ebbs and flows
Fortune upon us may sometimes smile
Or upon the wind, it may throw

Into the darkest corners of despair
Another day can we survive?
With one's knowledge to stay aware
Each moment wasted no matter one´s ability to strive

Permanence does not exist
Though hope lives on that we may add our twist
Time is short yet life is bold
Only the fortunate will truly grow old
Scoot Jan 16
What Does He Do but spin me up with sunshine?
batting away
the Bad Boys
with a broom
because Beautiful
Bashful Women
should not belong
where they´re Blushed
-Black and blue-
Beaten through
and through
-then Blessed
to do it again.
Sally says she loves him
Steven says me too
stupid Sally
Silly Sally
said this much too soon
sliding down a spiders nest
down its slippery silk
Dark and Warm a home away
Staying ¨safe¨ where sally´s used to
try hard
not to
focus on that
Black and Blue Blushed face
I´m not in an abusive relationship currently. This is just something I wrote because I have a lot of empathy for situations like this.
Scoot Sep 2018
Your hands
are The Same size as mine
yet they
can Hold so much more
than My feeble instruments;
my arms however
can lift your Heavy Body
higher than the twisting tendrils of Strong vine
stretching themselves up and out into the sky
on a ten foot trellis
your hands Tight they grab my arms then
we lift
Together They Melt into a wild new assist
hands hold fingers touch brains know hearts must
  Sep 2018 Scoot
Emily Dickinson

I am afraid to own a Body—
I am afraid to own a Soul—
Profound—precarious Property—
Possession, not optional—

Double Estate—entailed at pleasure
Upon an unsuspecting Heir—
Duke in a moment of Deathlessness
And God, for a Frontier.

— The End —