n0r 2d
In an evening, light
The wick. Incandescence
Rising from a moments
Effort, gifted to the ancient
Art of wax. Poetic
Are the silhouettes
We make ourselves;
A scene from an expansion
Of the infinitesimal,
Melting away, creating
Spires in the trails.
n0r Aug 10
Slip your fingers in,
I’m needing.

Spread my lips
Apart to breath.

And fill
This frame;

I’m dying.
n0r Jul 12
Kiss me in the daylight
Darling wrap your self in mine;
It’s love to be the nothing
Mixed to shivers through your spine
n0r Jul 11
Burn me to
the ground; there’s better
carbon in the asheS
  Jul 7 n0r
Haley Lorish
Although it pains me
you've sure given me something
great to write about
n0r Jul 7
Lifes a ride;
Gripping it tight
And screaming
Laughter makes the journey
Mine, and sharing the pieces
Smashed with a smile
Baptizes my soul
With Yours; Love Us
If you dare to live
Wild and free
Within the waves
We make a~part
n0r Jun 22
Blind my eyes
And seal my ears
With spit; Cast
This tongue and flesh

To nothingness.
In such deep silence
I will thank you
With all my soul.
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