n0r Jun 6
God sucks dick
In a trailer park @ 3AM
Because They feel
This is the only way
To make it till Friday;

Then They’ll smile,
Wet eyes lifting the Children
They have not held
Because Their sins were judged
By someone who loved Them.
n0r May 24
Listen here, you big baboon,
Licking drips
From your shit spittoon.

You see
The light which stings
Your eyes

Yet to the world
That light ignites
You're blind.
Those that bore their tiny little flagpoles into Science and claim it as their own are usually the most ignorant as to the implications of our scientific explorations. Scientific research has ran into a wall of Hindu metaphors and the fucks ignorant enough to call themselves intelligent don't even know the terrain that they piss upon.
Calling me a faggot when you're a part of the most narcissistic homo-erotic circle jerk in any history... smh
Rest comfortably on the shoulders of giants and you're going to slip into the depths of your own masturbatory fluids.
n0r May 22
This is mine
Sweet wine delusion
Slipping in
With life illusion
Mixing amidst
This wind and sun
A gold retriever
Belly rub
emerging from my repose
this poem slipping from my lips
i glimpse Athena’s yellow streak
sinking teeth into
two wings
while six
shriek away
another corpse
ingloriously amidst the grass
hosting my meditations
true story broh
n0r May 22
The first of many things
To make me seek the
Metaphors within,
A book at 17;

My uncle’s death at 18
Stripping a 14 year
Me bare,

For a Green majick
To root its souil
Within this fertile
Believing I tainted
Plowing deeper in two
Labyrinthine catacombs

Buried deep within the shallows;
Sun die
A ghost.
Dead within the dirt
And drowned amidst an ocean
I found a bubble a mist
The mud
Swimming until the leaving grew
Blossoms I breathed
With in me;
By John Green
And Me.
Thanks to “The Fault In Our Stars”
And the beauty of Samsāra.
n0r May 22
Struggling inhaling
A swelling, current
Mix of malaise and
Iridescent rays
Whipping within my 6th
To 2nd -

Is this normal
It’s not
Meditation shouldn’t be
This vomit filling
Royalling current of shit -

God, what happened to the bliss?
The breathing in until peace
Amidst a storm
What did I do to deserve this

Everything -

It’s all spread in;
Sins, loves, memories
The currents of the past
Slamming against my damned
For too long
Now spring 4th

Only by being
May I come to

Know these pieces
Long repressed
In armors rusted shut;

This is spiritual lubricant
                       It’s fucking me hard
  May 22 n0r
So many people talk about the
Light at the end of the tunnel.
But they don’t talk about
What comes after that.
They don’t talk about how
The light blinds you when you get too close,
How it completely swallows you, and
How you’re left confused and bewildered afterwards.
No one tells you that change can hurt you,
Internally- the worst way-
Turning your whole world upside down.
No one talks about how the
Light at the end of the tunnel can also be
The light of an oncoming train.
  May 22 n0r
Madeline Thetard
The first gun shot was before
lunch period had started

She was sitting in math class
wondering whether she would buy the burger
or the salad
with the three dollars in her pocket
She was doodling on
her math notebook
cartoon cats with flower wreaths

She was studious, never really liked math
had a tiny crush on the boy sitting next to her
and wondered if it would rain today

The first gun shot was before
lunch period had started

Screams erupted in the hallway
Head slammed lockers
as faculty asked students to clean
their wounds
as teachers asked students to tell their spouses
everything they never got to say

Kids hid in cabinets and under desks
covered their faces with backpacks
maybe their binders were more bulletproof
than their skulls

The girl clutched the hand of the boy next to her
and wondered why she could only touch him
right before she was about to die

Neither one thought they’d be staring down
the scope of a gun
looking into a madman’s soul before
lunch period started

As all of the children who were killed on that day
rested in their graves
calculus homework and English assignments
still written as reminders on the palms of their hands
bruised by the locker they hit on their way down

Nations weeped and families sobbed
many thought that their deaths might
be the anthem of change

But all their deaths sparked were
prayers and condolences
an “I’m sorry” and a “That really sucks”
as the next madman loaded up his gun
two sorry days later

Sixteen is too young to die

The girl had never driven car
Never knew what it was like to be held
Never knew what it was like to be kissed
Never knew what it was like to be to be told
the world was everything she made it to be

No, the world she lived in was the place
where her peers had to live in fear
not because they didn’t do their homework
but because students might die today

In her grave her mouth was a tight line
childish cheeks and acne-scarred skin
the youth was lost in her eyes because
she lived in a world where her classmates’ blood
was splattered on the school’s linoleum floors

And no one cared enough to do
anything about it
Something must be done.
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