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Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
I wrestle restless rotations
Regretful movements misdirected
Sound of my sighs disturb your deep slumber
Sun rises as self-respect is rejected

Involuntary thoughts caught on mental hooks
As the dark room my motions shake
Sky outside isn't quite white yet
My mind is alive and awake
About having insomnia
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2020
I am trying to write happy poems
To smile once more
Dull ache in my stomach
Trying to ignore

Try and try to be stronger
My chin up high
Living in the present
Let it pass me by

Trying to focus on the good
Instead dwelling on the bad
Start making new memories
Missing old ones had

Try not to complain much
To stifle tears
Embrace what is in front of me
These are my best years

I am so sick of wasting my life
Chasing goals impossible to attain
Stop throwing my health and money away
Learned down a bottomless drain

I have been alive for two dozen rotations
Around the boiling sun
I die a little bit every day
Decomposing each one
Keyword: TRYING

— The End —