Sonya 4d
Come one come all to the darling show
As a small girl swings to and fro
Back and forth through the inky sea
And lights to bright for her to see
Making a mockery of herself
A disgusting creature is she

Oh how I hate the circus trapeze
The swinging brings me to my knees
My costume flutters as I glide
With my monster that I must hide
Clawing away at my frozen lungs
And tearing me up inside
Sonya Jan 3
Let me go to sleep
And dream a perfect dream
Without a whisper nor a peep
Nor a tear along the seam
Sonya Dec 2018
He's doing it again
Getting loud and scary
A monster in his den
Tearing apart fairies

My eyes are both flooding
He tells me it's a mask
The fear continues budding
My mind is in a cast

It's time to run away
But he says otherwise
His words destroy the gray
It's painful black and white

The law may be escape
But he tears that to shreds
His maw is left agape
Lying, spinning threads

I whisper as a scream
A damsel in distress
Please trap me in a dream
And leave him with a guess
Sonya Dec 2018
You're playing that song again
With the guitar and the breaking voice
You're sleeping until ten
Your tired wavering choice

You did your best for me
Gave me some place safe to play
I wish you couldn't see
Why I want to stay

Sixteen is six from ten
The number to rejoice
The rips along the hem
Your crying creaky voice
Sonya Dec 2018
It's supposed to be my birthday party
I'm not really paying attention
But it should be my birthday party
My mind is fading into fiction
Why celebrate my life?

My friends are all playing together
I'm not playing with them
They are still playing together
Pajamas tearing at the hem
Why celebrate my life?

It's not even my birthday now
It was some weeks ago
Born as leaves began to fall
And now there's falling snow
This isn't about ME at all
Sonya Dec 2018
Up up up
Up the numbers go
Raising high my spirits
Drowning out my woe

Higher higher higher
Reaching to a peak
Then crashing down to none again
And leaving me to weep
Sonya Dec 2018
Hiding all alone
Behind frozen fallen trees
It's right behind you
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