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Kanishk Kandoi Sep 2020
Hurt to the end point
Broken down from every point

The reasons undefined
Always seemed to disappoint

The way you used to see me
Now feels like the sting of a bee

From the unforgettable moments
Till never ending to agree

All the feelings remain trapped
And the feelings never to adapt
The poem of a sudden change of people’s feelings towards each and its slow impact
Kanishk Kandoi Aug 2020
I know you care for me
And i care for you too

Even in hard times and
The good times we’ve been through

You’ve always been there
And I’ll be there too

Will never leave your side
Till the last day I’ll bide
Kanishk Kandoi Jul 2020
If one breakup
really hurt that much

If one person leaving
really hurt that much

If that would be the cause
Of being dead inside

then the world
would be running
over dead people!
Kanishk Kandoi Jul 2020
The stuff that you heard about me
Is a lie

But the way you heard it
Is even worse
Kanishk Kandoi Jul 2020
Like a cover over a body as a shell
As sweet as a taste a caramel

Protecting you in any sort of trouble
While living inside their own little bubble

This partner of yours is the special one
Always there when you’re up and yawn

A lifelong hold of two wonderful hands
Never ending bond of a lifespan
Bond sharing amongst two loved ones
Kanishk Kandoi Jul 2020
On the edge of the bays
Counting the number of days

Realised that the end is near
But there’s nothing to fear

The last days might be close
Yet no one ever knows

Till when you’re going to survive
And its not a video-game to revive

Live past the days to come
Enjoy every small beat and thrum

Enjoy life to its fullest
Until you get hit by a bullet
A little poem about living life and making every single moment count as we never know when something can happen
Kanishk Kandoi Jun 2020
For every curtain closed
And every eye shut

There was a door opened
With a lesson taught
Learning from the dead and controlling our emotions with time
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