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Barnaby Harrison May 2016
Fractals of pictures past
Run round my mind
Seeking solace in your arms
I weep, the salty taste of tears
Fills my mouth
The sound of subtle shushing
Soothes me
The darkness I see
Through scrunched eyes
Satiates me…calms me
But you know my pain
You know my anguish
You know what it is like
To lose a mother….
I love her more than ever; my maternal figure
Barnaby Harrison May 2016
We were equal
Our opinions appreciated
Our views unchallenged
Our life peaceful
But we were foolish
We accused our neighbours
We waged political war
And now we must decide
A nation once united
A nation once certain
A nation that could part from peace
Just perhaps
There won’t be strife
There won’t be war
There won’t be anger
The bitter taste of loss
Won’t plague our mouths
We might be graced with good fortune
Graced with untold pleasures
That can only be found
Through a simple referendum
But is it right…
my opinion...
Barnaby Harrison Mar 2016
Scarred by days so painful
A history almost made folly
By actions around you
Actions that bruised
Bruised the blanc skin
That protected you just enough
You watched the cherry blossom fall
From the cracks in your cage
A cage lit only by glimmers of light
Falling through the veins that lined the ceiling
Water veins from days gone by
Tis those same
Almost forgotten days
That have burned their mark
In places no-one ever thought to look
And now in the moonlight
You sit on the pontoon
Conjuring courage
Conjuring magic to rid you of your scars...
Barnaby Harrison Mar 2016
Take a chance to breathe
Fall into my outstretched arms
Take a chance to look and see
That there is no-one here for you to harm

Take a chance to grow your stalks
Bloom out into the heat
Take a chance and start to talk
Fall down and I'll lift you to your feet

Take a chance to learn and grow
I'll follow you all the way
And once you've learnt all I know
It'll be a better day
Learning may be a non-stop process but the important things are learnt during the youngest of our years
Barnaby Harrison Mar 2016
Come closer so that I can breathe
The fresh smell of strong mints
The warm air you radiate
Come closer so that I can feel
The wise touch of years gone by
The soothing sound of your beating heart
Come closer so that I can know
You will always be here
You will always make everything better
You will always love me...
R.I.P to my grandmother. Many years have passed since you passed away and yet I have only just come to realise how much I needed you.

Don't worry
I will carry on.
Barnaby Harrison Mar 2016
Let my leaves unfurl
Let me blossom in your light
A thousand years from now
The world will bathe in my shadow
Taking solace from the ever growing heat
That falls in rays
Trapped within our land
By a thick, dense cloud of smog
The only calls are those of the extremophiles
Birds, fish, whatever they may be
All living on the edge of extinction
All adapting to the ever growing forest of fern
But not the green, luscious fern that grows today
A yellowed
A plant that can no longer take the perilous heat
A plant that will no longer grow
A plant that might
Death is already here for the plant
And is just around the corner from us…
I'm not an environmentalist but I do care for our future...
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