Xaviera Allan Oct 2017
Brown sugar soup
It hasn't killed you yet
It's in your intestines
The highway covered by mud
Take a spoon and lick it
The land will shake you off
The road is blocked and you can't talk
There's soup in your throat

That brown sugar soup
It hasn't saved you yet
The mafia finally found you
You will hide in your car
You need some soup
Poison to your belly
Poison to your heart
Poison to your liver
It will kill you first
Living in a tiny toy car
Driving on alone
On a predictable plastic road

Brown sugar soup
All you want is more
Take the car on winding highways
But I think the land has shifted
Take a spoon and dip it
There is no road
The road is gone and you are stoned
There's soup in your blood

That brown sugar soup
It was brewed for you
You lost your money on a card game
What could make life better
You need some soup
Health to your brain
Health to your heart
Health to your soul
You can live again
In a life that will not fit
Outgrow time and clothes
You've seen it all before

Brown sugar soup
It's a potion of luck
Drop your dead weight along the roadside
Look at how much you've gained
Take a spoon and bend it
It's all inside you
The road is round and you won't mind
There's soup in your head

That brown sugar soup
You can't get enough
Your smile isn't listening
Your mind is tethered down
You need some soup
Soup for your belly
Soup for your heart
Soup for your brain
You will die
Tasting sweet on your lips
One thing left to do
You've done it once before

Brown sugar soup
It's all your own fault
You do not belong here
But there's no room on this highway
Take a spoon and use it
Look at how much you have to gain
You need some more brown sugar soup
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2017
She felt my thirst.
Grabbing my legs lifting me in the air.
I had no idea what was about to happen.
The plastic removed from my face, the breath of life.
I felt comfort in her hands.
The places that were cold were no longer.
I've never felt a warmth like the one she provided.
The softness of her hands.
The way I sunk into her eyes.
For the first time I felt special.
Like my voice could finally be heard.
My thirst forever quenched.
Head driven first into a glass of milk.
I drunk until my head swelled.
Her hand never leaving my side.
Although I drunk my body remained slim.
No matter how self conscious I felt she reassured she would always smile.
I swirled in emotion, an eternal need that would forever be purpose
Kewayne Wadley Jul 2017
The one you seek, hides.
You linger about searching.
Pink packets of sugar.
A grille
about grease
that string
If she's
only a
remnant where
those cars
were too
fast and
nights were
long and
days with
times that
children played
then here
along my  
street again.
Seanathon Jul 2016
Reaching out,
I pull her closer to me than ever,
Her back to my front as we mold together.

Like a pair of spoons on a table top,
My arm around her waist to stop her every shake.
Embedded in my warm embrace.

I hear her breath caress the air,
And smell the fragrance of her hair.
Little does she know that I desire whatever scent she wears.

Obscured by shadows her sleeping face.
I need not see to know that she,
Is in love at least with my embrace.

So tender and so tremendous.
Her warmth the most magnificent,
Of every feeling to be expressed.

By sleeping beauty I'm the beast,
Her heart a steady soothing beat.
Though intoxicating as she may be,
I only desire her next to me.

Don't wake me please from such a dream,
For she is the fairest girl I've seen.
With longing eyes of crystalline,
And a whisper soothing as a stream.

How could I ever let her go,
Perhaps if somehow she did know.
That my embrace holds all of me,
And to break that bond is to shatter me.  

Though the clock may say it's time to leave.
I hope that in my embrace she'll stay,
Forever right here next to me.

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If only... If only indeed... :D
The Shattering Jul 2016
My mind
Likes to deceive me

I find someone
truly someone

And they're shattered from me
by a gas smaller than I can see

Shattered into a reality
I've been avoiding my whole life

Dear young, hopeless Cherie
How shall I hope to survive?
The Shattering Jul 2016
em>Note is wrapped around a small pink apple, the size of a fist

I suppose
But what better honor is there
than to wait for the right time
and receive but more glory
in which to bathe your humble self
instead of crashing and burning,
being missed by all whose eyes
have had the pleasure of
meeting yours.

My irises,
for one,
would love
nothing more
than to witness
the fire within the
saddened eyes of
the friend I have made
easily, almost too easily.

It rolls off my tongue better than my
own name, it sounds of bells within
my dimwitted mind. If you could hear,
I would sing it over and over again to
be borne by the fingers of the wind
goddesses for your ears and yours alone
to relish, to give you rest from your
current toil.

How helpless am I, Little Cherie.
The Shattering Jul 2016
Angel, again?
If you only knew the secrets
this fence barricades from your mind
dear one.

The higher the fence, the higher the fly
Some make it over, some crash and die
there is no alternative to what God will decide
As Mama says, we're just along for the ride

Family, not present, I understand.
But inwardly, they're there.

Do not tear open your heart
in the hopes they'll become more visible
They'll rather slip out, like wisps of fog
Never to be seen once they hit the sun

Perhaps I can be
what you lack?
19 year old me
does not hold a candle to the
candle a mother burns within the heart of her child

But ...I may endeavor to try?

My  name....
....is Cherie.
The Shattering Jul 2016
An angel, that is what I ought to be.

Instead, I lay in the posy fields outside the fence and dream of the life within.

Mama always says.

"Too inquisitive, too bright for her own good."

But Wandering Spirit, nomad bound to the gaseous winds that blow through our small region, this makes much more sense if you are going to try to title me.

Me, of all people.

But family, oh, family.

Why are you searching for them, when they reside in your heart?
The Shattering Jul 2016
em>Left under a chink in the fence at the south end of the camp, half covered in dust

Hello, hello?

Mama always said not to talk to strangers.

Is anyone there?

Mama says that it's not safe to be this close to the big fence.

I'm a friend.

Mama always tells me I'm too flighty.

I care.

Mama never said I couldn't make friends.

So here I am.

Hello, hello? Is anyone there?
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