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kale Mar 2021
My father always ate with the large fork.
that fork is discomforting for my small hands,
but it perfectly fits his rugged hands.

My mother and I always ate with the small forks.
Our hands were small, delicate.
But it perfectly fits our tender hands.

The utensils were always separated,
little cupboards and drawers,
although all the forks went to the same drawer.

As I set the table for tonight’s meal,
there was no small fork left for me.
Awkwardly, I ate in stillness with the large fork.
In this miniature, blank, dwelling.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Use imagination to picture a face
On top of mine
Empty space
In future if you find your attraction fading
If necessary to keep doubts from invading
Never want you developing a wandering eye
The alternative may mean admiration is a lie
Past chemistry we could not debate
In the present my body you are hurt by or hate
Patience no easier to get
Further than a different planet
No more mapped than dark side of the moon
Yet warmer than the bottom of this blackened spoon
Patience is cost effective
Scarce to find
Patience is free
Rare in the mind
Patience is waiting for me
For me to be a new somebody
Written 1-7-20
Ayodeji Oje Apr 2020
Since covid paced in
Hunger lingers
In this skinny land
As many arms are folded
During a lockdown
Void of spoons going to the mouth
To further widen
The red sea between
The highs and lows of the land
In Nigeria, the poor suffer more during this COVID19 lockdown. In fact, what is being distributed as relief package is a chicken feed. Political elites seem not to feel what the poor feels.
Samantha Renee Apr 2020
this **** quarantine
is keeping me from getting
my daily dose of cuddles!!!!
i miss my love :(
Poetic T Feb 2020
She was the ****, I was the crystal
addicted to each other the moment
                                              we meet.

But every high has a come down,
                I'm the ***** needle..

She was the spoon, warming up on
               another's sleeve.

Tided tightly ready to overdose on her.

                     She was the chemical bliss
that could  be taken anywhere,  

                                         I thought...
that we were something special.

But I was used,

I was useless to her, as I was unable
         to pierce the vein..

Used to many times.

So she found another way to find
              a way to make her self higher

than she was with me.

Now I'm in a come down

                   and I'm struggling.
Samantha Renee Jan 2020
when his arms are wrapped around me
it seems like for once
everything will be okay.
Grace Haak Sep 2019
Head of a silver spoon hanging in the sky
Reaching down into the midnight cloud bowl
Scooping up spiced stars scattered in a soup
Shiv Pratap Pal Jun 2019
Mac and Bloom
Went up to the Moon

With a Spoon
In search of pretty Alien

They looked here
They looked there

No Alien was found
And time was bound

They returned to earth
Only with some dust
Let's Enjoy Childhood.
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