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Zainab Oct 2019
The poison within the body
Enemy to heart
The engravement on senses
the caller to insanity
and the irritant to sane

Slithers like a snake in the blood
When emitted by the ignorant
dominates the mind, blinder of sight
A fire amongst others

Conflagrations that dangle
Possessing, decieveing
the owner
until over
The cessation worst than..
All concluded

The ferocious of predators
Feeding on flesh
it's own
The inexorable reel
as it lurches
as it swallows
Now the eyes of the grieving

A mountain casting out its snow
till it's reduced, to naught
No moment, to untie itself
from shakes of own

Till none left,
Due to
a mistake
a regret
That's the way it ends
Zainab Oct 2019
A sunrise beckoned me
In contrast, to flee
An invitation earnestly endorsed
for lengthened had I lingered
a bona fide friend
lucidity it had painted
and a landscape captivating
Drop by drop,
had I rendered sightless

Bestowed with priceless emotions
deluged you, with
intentions distilled,
truly were
for you did capture them
at the rise

The once limpid scenery,
opaque, visionised today
the yellow smudged
a sunset to betide

A panic swelled within,
a grave slip-up implemented
for I strived to ameliorate it
Versimilitude solicited distance

I failed to proffer you with,
as the intent, stainless
and a heart devout
remorse, shall lie etched

for the landscape
entailed not remedy
the desire for your understanding
was all I stipulated
Zainab Oct 2019
The steps arose,
a base there was
the muddle of screes
For it was a landscape
Of trees
Gingerly I paced
a cliff that laced
a path destined,
Told, I was
For a few sunrises
and sunsets
Firmed to the locus
stood there, I had.
By degrees
the cliff
obsecured my view
the bewilderment I could not rub
Mayhap, myself scrutinized it far deep
I thought.
the cliff,
for unyielding it depicted
percepting apprehensions, of own
promising it portrayed
Afresh, the climb excecuted
Little by little,
embarked the escarpment
it was still,
so I too, adjourned
It spoke to me
for footsteps,
no longer scraped
"W'rry not, I shall holdeth thee"
igniting the specks of fragility
for I queried myself
if this voyage is my to ascend
Zainab Jul 2019
A ruby like rose,
glistening in the golden sun

Your friendship,
as sweet,
as the nectar
within the most colorful flowers

an emotion so pure
Every word of yours

Understanding, you are
A virtue truly
blessed with,
Not many

A gesture,
You exhibit
So perfectly

Within each act of yours,
A melody of love, tenderness and care
With such delicacy

and so,

the deeper I discover,
the beauty
Within your soul
Zainab Apr 2019
A feel of a sister
I never had
And to have you,
I'm glad

Your words,
saltiness at times, they drip
The deeper meaning behind,
the friendliness within doesn't slip

The laughs we have shared
the joy in it,
satisfaction lies
in every bit

haven't known you for long
but, they say friendship is like a planted flower,
ready to bloom each hour

A unique soul you are
with numerous colors,
and that's what makes you, you

The symphony within
your friendship
a soothing therapy,
and a feel of sincerity

On the road of this alliance,
Bridges do come along
The ups and downs,
are a part of it's science

Though Fellowship,
a sweet which never turns bitter
and that's what makes yours and mine utter
Zainab Mar 2019
Shimmering stars
Each twinkle pours

The flames of pain
Sears Each vein

The battle within
Each chamber of the heart

The sight of the glistening moon
Shining in serenity
Not bothersome of the darkness

Mind's bewildered
The voices of hope muffled

The murk sings its lullaby
Each spark of light succumbs
to an eternal sleep

After each darkened night
The sun rises
With its lofty stares

Morn or eve
differs no more
Zainab Jan 2019
The ray of your memories
Still shines,
Though your presence
my heart mines.

The pain,
Your role,

A thousand apologies
Left untold,
All the regrets
A burden hard to hold.

The ocean of grief
Gulping me in slowly
Oh, how I wish your life wasn't so brief
Without you, it's darkened wholly..
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