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Darkly Jan 1
On this very large yet quite small ball of rock and water flying through space, memories of the words they shared find him every so often. And he wonders. And misses her.
Darkly Jun 2020
Why does this darkness exist? The power to bring death and destruction

So quickly it came to rest at his fingertips–am I still human?

It appeared as a vortex of shadows–he thought it a hallucination

It was insane and all too real, he could not resist stepping into the swirling dark

He thought it meant the end, but he was wrong

The unending black, still, and quiet

He found security

What does it mean when the “inner you” is silent?

Black tower, his home, wherever it stands, a spiral stair, sharp spines, sheer design

Black throne, occupied

Black blade, the edge of balance, cutting through eternity

What is in between black and white?

This is the effect of light, across space and time

Sitting at the center of his world, thinking, brooding, asking questions you are afraid to answer

What do you see when you look into your own eyes?

Testing those who call for it, testing you

Making people prove themselves–do you really know what life and love are?

Digging deep, bearing water from the well of notions

What things do you do or say because of your fears?

I will not leave until I crack every porcelain mask
I am back, if only for a moment. ;~)
  May 2020 Darkly
Verdant Quo
like water
I poured myself into her until she was overflowing at the brim

like reinforced steel
I bridged my heart to hers and welded myself to her soul

like the sun
I filled myself with light to cover her darkness

like a blanket
I shielded her from the harsh world underneath the covers

like magnets
I orbited her aura until we inevitably collided

like a seed
I felt myself growing up from her

Then, like an idiot
I could tell she felt nothing.
Darkly Feb 2020
We haven't met yet, but...

I will tell you about the throne, blade, and tower. Those, that keep me company and safe when I feel like stepping off of the Earth, all black and cool. But also... likely an imminent doom.
And then, of the coral crown and silver sail–which I strive for. Maybe they will come in another life. Maybe... a dream.
Lastly, there is a realm. A small one, and fairly new. Covered in perpetual fog and colored a sepia hue. So far, it is only kept for those passing through.

It's all... lonely, despite how I may talk about these things. They're all reflections of me.

Don't worry though–you'll know this.
And at the end of a long march... strength.
Darkly Dec 2019
Black sky, the sun is on the other side

Four walls, a single bulb spreading pale light

Pages, filled with words of heart and soul

Twisting through the air, just out of reach

All that is felt, the absence of heat

Unquiet mind

I can't find the silence inside
Please universe, give me someone to talk to or let me sleep
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