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danahslade99 May 2019
You swept me out to sea,
I followed you willingly.
Then you threw my heart onto the rocks
So the fragments washed away from my grasp.
I couldn’t find myself again,
Piece my heart back; mend.
Yes, I saw the light, no, I did not take caution
But it was your dry shores that kept me
Strewn for so long, they watched
As my ship corroded in wait
Of help from your imaginary inhabitant.
You are the deceiving lighthouse
I should have stayed away from your edge.
But your beam pulled me in
A warning sign in the disguise of a friend.
danahslade99 May 2019
I feel like one of those girls
At a drive-through
"Hey, can I take your order?"
Then you leave in a few.
I don’t know how you changed from
Someone who cared to someone who can’t.
They say those things don't happen overnight
Yet here I am, proving fast food
Is less dispensable than my heart.
  May 2019 danahslade99
Bryan Lunsford
Words were merely words--
And only that to me,
Until she became the words--
The words to my poetry
  Mar 2019 danahslade99
What's it take
These days

To write a poem

That makes the world go mad
That brings the crowds to their feet
That spreads like wildfire
Through a dry winter forest

Is it those excessively long words?
The loquacious ramblings
Of an insecure mind aspiring
To authentic intellect?

Is it perhaps...
     the "creativity"
               of      varied      spacing
  or...    could it be..... the lack
                              of capitalization
               the loathsome little letters
               screaming out
                         hey, look at us!
         ... or maybe it's
               the punctuation marks,
     littered, haphazardly
          through the text
                    (whether used correctly)
               or, theyre not?!
     despite worrds mispeled
          and a grammar might is broken
   can these tricks increase interest
        though miswritten or misspoken?

Is the trick alliteration
Whose bite brightly bids us
To center on the snappy sounds?
Although all along
     unvoiced underneath
Ideas idle in the isles
   (or perhaps the aisles)
Of the mind
To meld and craft and bind
Our thorough thoughts
And worthy words
Into lines
Heard by herds
Raise the
                  Praise for which we
                  Privately, desperately

Maybe it's a magical mix
Of splendid in-your-head rhythm
Marvelous meter that perfectly clicks
Flowing smoothly without schism

Well-spaced stanzas
Well-used time
Well-crafted phrases
Well-thought-out rhymes

Well, maybe not...
     those gems are often ignored
     cast-aside, unclicked, abhorred


Because the modern world
doesn't need your rules
your restrictions
your regulations
your misguided boundaries
your oppression
your antiquated ideas
   of "the right way"
   to write
   to speak
   to act
   to live
   to (fill in the blank)

No, what the modern world needs

And poetry whose words
Say the same thing
Repeat the same meaning
Echo the same lyrics
Rephrase the same thoughts
But in an ever-so-slightly
Changed up way
After line
Of synonyms


What's it take
These days

To not give in
To narcissism's spiral?

But more importantly:
What's it take

To make my poem go viral?
Only halfway cynically written, I swear!
danahslade99 Aug 2018
We press our bodies together
Forcing separate atoms to form one
Of a new breed,
But it will never be achieved
We don’t bond
Just periodically breathe.
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