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  Apr 2020 Amaryllis
While rain pours down on the rooftop,

I finally feel calm
it's terrifying
The unknown can be terrifying
Stay safe and don't forget to eat a cookie, you derseve it!
  Mar 2020 Amaryllis
Death is always left for the living
Amaryllis Feb 2020
The right person, the wrong time
              The right script, the wrong line
The right poem, the wrong rhyme
        And a piece of you,
                That was never mine.
Amaryllis Feb 2020
You warned me not to love you,
That you just weren’t worth my time,
But your flaws are only fatal,
Because I’d **** to make them mine.
Late valentine’s poem...
Hope you enjoy.
Amaryllis Feb 2020
You told me you had my back...
Now my shadow is still behind me,
And where on earth are you?
  Feb 2020 Amaryllis
What if I came back.
What kind of impact would that have on you.
I thought about it many times.
I don't want to distract you from your happiness.
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