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Amaryllis Jul 2
Gonna quit

Amaryllis Jun 26
Si vis amare.
“If you wished to be loved.”

2. Vive ut vivas.
“Live so you may live.”
The prase suggests that one should live life to the fullest and without fear of possible consequences.

3. Tempus neminem manet.
“Time waits for no one.”

4. Vita non est vivere sed valere vita est.
“There is more to life than merely living.”

5. Amor vincet omnia.
“Love conquers all.”
This took soooo much time...
Amaryllis Jun 25
Don’t judge a situation you’ve never been in.
Go follow Arrow y’all!!
Amaryllis Jun 25
You told me that you had my back,
And I thought that it was true.
Now my shadow’s still behind me,
But where on earth are you?
Amaryllis Jun 23
His eyes
Stole my heart,
His smile
Gave me life,
His presence
Made me high,
His soul
Left me breathless.
Amaryllis Jun 22
I supose
I love my scars
They have
Stayed with me
Than most people have.
Amaryllis Jun 21
None of us are getting out here alive,
So please stop treating yourself like an after thought.
Eat the delicious food.
Walk in the sunshine.
Jump in the ocean.
Say the truth you’ve been carrying in your heart like a hidden treasure.
Be silly.
Be kind.
Be weird.
There’s no time for anything else.
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