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MB Mar 21
When I'm sad,
pain trickles down my chest,
from my heart,
to my sleeve
and paints it all red.
salty tears sting my broken parts
Nicole Feb 5
The classroom was filled with laughter and joy,
And dancing young teens
All i could feel though was jealousy and hatred
I hate them for being so happy when my world is so dark
I hate them for being able to socialize and make friends
I hate them for being gorgeous and tall and skinny
I hate them for everything that i'm not
It makes me mad knowing its not there wronging it's the universe
Nicole Dec 2020
He was kind and sweet
He made the promises
That girls like me admired

I was naive and innocent
Was neglected from those in my life
Desperate for attention and praise
I believed and trusted him

Days went by and he changed
He started to manipulate me
Promises of fulfillness broken
Made me feel worthless

And like i had no worth
Soon i looked in the mirror
And only saw what he saw in me
I looked in the mirror and did not recognize
who i was anymore
MB Dec 2020
Loving you was my self harm,
your words like a blade upon my skin,
making marks on my memories,
and tearing me apart by each cut.

So I became addicted to the high
but now with you gone,
I recreate the memories on my wrist-
but its not the same self-inflicted.

And I lied that day,
I said I did not love you,
but loving you was killing me
and losing you is my recovery.
Yes, you were a bad little habit-
but you were my bad little habit
Poetic T Sep 2020
When I'm down the sun never
seeks the sky.
                          Just a dullness
that hovers  beyond the grasp
              of my need to rise above

my pain...

I only needed that ray to hit upon my

                         I need to not hurt like
before, I cant keep this smile aloft..

It's falling like a shooting star,
   bruised when it hit the ground
             never again found.

   I'm dwindling like the stars caught
                 between the dawn and nightfall.
But never
            a light flickering before its
radiance is just an echo like me..

You'll find me, that star that fell,
        but never wished upon.

Just cold never seen,
               here but missed,
   as I fell from a moment of height
  to a place where I'm low and alone.
Sabika H Sep 2020
I tell her:
My little girl,
These days are intense
And alone.
And I know when you
Open that gate,
You do not recognise your home.

My little girl,
I know your mind is dark,
I know there are traces of a plague
Infecting your heart,
I know you want a fresh new start-
But put down the knife
And let wounds mend
And pains blend,
And see this life
To its natural end.
Sunset Meadows Jan 2020
Why am I like this?
It shouldn't be this way
Am I really alone
Or is it my brain just forcing me back
Back in time
To the dark
To this inescapable prison
Where have I gone
Where are you
Whoever you are
I can't do this myself
I just keep falling
No one realizes
I'm slowly failing life
The longer I go the more I fail
Slowly crumbling with every step
Failure is second nature now
It hurts but I can't get around it
I can't stop it now
I'm gone
Doomed to this world of darkness
Of failure
Will my brain ever let me go
Or do I need someone?
Let me know what you think.
hannashe Nov 2019
The sadly wind is blowing
With the silent sky
The clouds are coming
Rythem of rains are falling
I'm lonely
With alone....
With the bone....
My heart is breaking
So tired of crying
Lord...i'm calling
Lord...i'm calling
I need Your help.....
I need Your help....
Lord i'm calling....i need Your help
Matilda Aug 2019
Morning, day and night,

hopelessly I wonder,

Knowing nothing better?

Facing other fears?

I saw red and I saw silver.

when has blunt steel been useful?

like a wave of light,
there is nothing
there is silence.

then the guilt draws in, tiptoeing silently,
was it worth it?
what had I done?

there are no riddles no games

that was me
or was it me
so I have no idea what I'm doing but if you could give me advice I would appreciate it a lot thanks
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