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john shai Jan 2017
There in the hinterland
This people I know
Who love the sleeping sand
For its distant glow

A hut a hovel a house
The grinding of the glass
The hollow earth
And freedoms passed

Then lost.
They choo choo south
And boo hoo to any
Who try to close its hungry mouth
john shai Oct 2016
It's like actors
They don't act all their lives
They act when the camera is rolling
Or when they find themselves in the mud

I write love upon the hearts of men
And women thank me for my service

But when the seizure is over
The madness is lost in an exhale
And I transmute into the beast that I am
Only to extort another soul to place in my tragedy
john shai Oct 2016
Did you sign the contract indeed?
Indeed I did indeed.
john shai Sep 2016
Danny was a good boy
He kept his engine going
But he never found joy

He had many CDs
But he left them in a pile

He had a girlfriend
But he hasn't ****** the ****** in a while

So much for love
She threw him into exile
He was her toy
Her lover boy

The island fit him like a glove
He started to smile
Without her constant trail
He was a freeman
Setting sail

**** this love
He has music
Sad music
Doesn't have the same effect anymore

Die young drink a **** load
Oh boy death!
john shai Aug 2016
Embraced by the arms of solitude
Finally a lover who knows his soul
And he fell deep into sleep

Safe as pillows on a bed
Safe as houses
On clouds of marshmallow and honey

Dread has forsaken him

And there appeared a door behind his eyes
Opening it he found a vision
The dearest friend of lost souls
Soft ******* on which to lay the head
Supple Venus!

Perched on the alter where he lost his youth
But healing

I have found you
   You are my essence
   I shall cherish your form

She woke
john shai Jul 2016
Twists and turns in the fire
Flowing energy the mind's desire
Every ember untouchable
My sadness is incorrigible

This is dire
From toppidy mountain to lowest inspire
The demons reach out
They know what my pain is about

To feel the hellfire
As I try to remember what I'm worth

Fetch some fire from the river
So we don't have to shiver
I'll burn before I freeze
Let guilt claim my liver
john shai Jul 2016
**** all blacks!

They said.

**** all whites!

They said.

So they invented surrealism.
It's not the contrast that matters.

They said.

It's the unexpected juxtaposition.
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